Teletubby Clones of Tinky Winky

The Teletubby Clones are evil clones of the Teletubbies that do whatever the Teletubbies say. They are an important part of the Teletubby Army.

Dipsy created them in Tubby Tower alongside Teletubby Robots, so there would be more Teletubbies, vastly increasing the size and strengh of the Teletubby army. Not all the clones were perfect, but they were still just as deadly, so they kept them all, even though this wasn't planned since Tinky-Winkytwo was supposed to be the only Teletubby clone. The clones were disigned to answer only to the Teleubbies, so if anyone else wants their help, they must either trick them into thinking that they are a Teletubby, or bribe them.

Each clone has a series of letters and numbers instead of a name, or are simply called po. Most of them are fine with this, but "123ISUCK123" and "L023R" have some complaints.

Here's a list of the noteable Teletubby clones created so far:

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