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Teletubby Burger is an EVIL fast food restaurant. It is exactly like Mario's Pizza except with Teletubbies and burgers. It is ranked #3716308207 on the list of most popular restaurants. Every food they make is said to make people vomit every 2 minutes, have really bad diarrhea, and get Rainbowitis. There are many types of burgers. BUT YOU DON'T WANT TO EAT THEM!


(In order from least money to most money)

Tiny Burger - $1

Burger - $10

LEET SWAG - $13.37

Lotsa Extra Dessert - $1,000

Telespecial - $9,001

Giga Burger - $50,000

Grand Big Meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - $50,000,000 (includes also shake, doritos and burger by taste of their own choice)

Po Burger - $∞                                                                          

Visit to Teletubby Burger

Don Johnson went to Teletubby Burger in 2013. He said he ordered a Burger, and he enjoyed it. But 2 minutes later, he PUKED OUT A GIANT VOMIT SIZE OF A POTATO VOLCANO! HE RAN OUT THE DOOR SCREAMING LIKE IT WAS ALL HELL! IN FACT, IT WAS ALL HELL!