Telotubs unbound


For the other, less powerful Teletubby fusion, see PoDipLaWinky.

Teletubbies Unbound is the fusion of the Teletubbies. He is so overpowered he can destroy the entire planet. But he doesn't because he likes Tubby Toast. Wander tries to make friends with him, Wander took if Teletubbies Unbound didn't want to be his friend.


Teletubbies Unbound is one of the many fusions of the Teletubbies. He is a tall, colorful guy with broad shoulders and tiny legs, which, despite their size, can easily destroy buildings. He stands 10'3. He is usually seen carrying a Tubby Toast broadaxe to slice off heads with.


His personality is a mix of all the original Teletubbies, causing him to be somewhat bipolar. He is sometimes very prideful of his strength, so proud in fact that he dug himself a hole to praise himself endlessly.


  • He is the only Teletubby transformation whom still is alive.

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