Be afraid. Be very very very very very very very very very afraid.

Teletubbies: The Movie is an evil, banned movie based on its TV show. Like the TV show, it hypnotizes young children.


Tinky Winky gets hypnotized by Po and demands him to repeatedly fall off a cliff. Po then once again, plans to shoot the sun while Laa-laa and Dipsy dance around doing stupid stuff, cheering about the death of the sun. Laa-laa walks past the cliff Tinky Winky was repeatedly falling off from and then he lands on Laa-laa, killing her. The baby sun comes back to life and then attempts to kill Po but accidently kills Dipsy. The sun falls and melts into boiling lava and then it spreads to the cliff Tinky Winky was falling off from. Tinky Winky falls into the lava and dies and then the lava dissolves.


  • Po is stupid
  • And so are teh teletubbies and telotubs
  • Never listen to Po
  • Never try to be Po
  • Never do stupid stuff like the Teletubbies do
  • Never shoot the sun
  • Never watch this movie


  • This movie was banned everywhere except in Nazi Germany.
  • Po was the survivor of this movie
  • The movie was only shown in Teletubby approved countries.
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