Dipsy vs Leonidas

The scene right before Dipsy kills Leonidas.

Teletubbies Go Spartan is an episode of The Teletubbies


Tinky Winky is watching 300 and says "Is Sparta a real place?" Dipsy,Laa-Laa and Po hear him and Po informs him that it is a real place, So the four of them go to Sparta. They arrive. They meet Leonidas and Dipsy kills him. Suddenly, Po falls down the Sparta hole, that is bottomless. But Po manages to climb back up. She kicks Dipsy in, so Laa-Laa kicks Po in again.Tinky Winky pushes Laa-Laa in. But they climb back up so Laa-Laa kicks Tinky Winky in, and Dipsy kicks Po in.

They kick each other in. Dipsy cant kick Laa-Laa in, neither can Laa-Laa of how much they love each other. Tinky Winky climbs back up and kicks Dipsy in. He then is kicked in by Laa-Laa. Po appears behind Laa-Laa and ROUNDHOUSE KICKS her in. Then Leonidas regenerates and kicks Po in. Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa climb up and kick Leonidas in. then Tinky Winky kicks Laa-Laa in but is kicked in by Dipsy, who climbed back up.

Dipsy climbs out and kicks him in. Laa-Laa comes out and kicks Dipsy in the testicles, which makes him collapse and fall in. Tinky Winky appears behind him and Magnums him in. This shoots Dipsy, killing him, making him fall down the hole.

The episode ends with Tinky Winky being the only one at the top, holding a magnum.

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