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Teletubbies is a reboot of the original 1985 Teletubbies show, created by the BBC to hypnotize yet another generation of pathetic and weak children. It stars the weird Teletubbies that you happen to all know and love, but worse than ever. This show is predicted to be banned in anywhere from 20-25 years. Just like in the old show, the characters who die in each episode respawn back to life after the episode's end, unless the next one continues where it left off.

Footage of the new series, featuring the Tubbies scheming while eating Tubby Toast (people) in Home Dome. What mean-looking they are.

It premiered on November 9, 2015 on CBeebies. It premiered on Monday, May 30, 2016 in the United States of UnAmerica on Nick Jr and it's rated TV-MA.

Teletubbies season 6 poster

Poster used to promote season 6.

Differences from original series

Due to The Great Teletubby Land Massacre, this show has its differences from the original show, mostly to be down + hip with tday's kewl kidz.

  • Two new characters have been added: the first being Alt 2.0. She came to Teletubby Land after the Massacre, and the Teletubbies love her because she has a Teletubby tummy for a face.
    • Also, she created their Tubby Phone which has a laser.
  • The second new characters are the Tiddlytubbies.
  • The Teletubbies now live in this not-scary-looking on the inside (but terrifying on the outside) place called the Home Dome, which has a Tubby Custard Ride which looks like a big train, because Alt 2.0 loves trains.
  • The Noo-Noo has a new paint job. It's pink because real men wear pink.
  • Po's motorcycle has been replaced with a childish-looking, but totally evil scooter called PO COOTAH. PO COOTAH can fly, shoot fire, and it has a train horn.
  • The Magic Windmill was replaced with a Magic Windmill 2.0 that can turn people into Tubby Custard, Tubby Toast and Stickmen.
  • A field of New Talking Flowers has been planted. Unlike the old ones, these can speak 26 languages and don't have squeaky voices.


Teletubbies Evil Theme Song (New Series 2016)-1

Teletubbies Evil Theme Song (New Series 2016)-1


Season 0

Season 0 had 10 episodes. Some people call it the "Pilot Season".

  1. Home Dome Tour: The Teletubbies show you Home Dome.
  2. Tubby SE: Laa-Laa tells you about the show.
  3. Alt 2.0: Alt 2.0 puts her scary face on the screen for 15 minutes, then the episode ends.
  4. New-New Noo-Noo: Noo-Noo gets his new paint job, and the horrifying and macabre scenes of the Teletubbies painting him are shown.
  5. Cootah Love: Po gives PO COOTAH a test run.
  6. Plant: The Teletubbies plant the New Talking Flowers.
  7. Windmill Building: Dipsy builds the Magic Windmill 2.0 and turns the other Teletubbies into a piece of Tubby Toast (Tinky-Winky), a cup of Tubby Custard (Laa-Laa), and a stickman (Po).

Season 1

Season 1 will have 60 episodes.

  1. We're Back...and WORSE Than Ever!: Alt 2.0 gives the Teletubbies the Tubby Phone which she created, which transports the Teletubbies into the Real World where they go around killing children.
  2. Po Cootah Rampage: Po runs over everybody with PO COOTAH. A remake of the first episode of the original show....supposedly.
  3. Freddy Fazbear vs. Teletubbies: Alt 2.0 sings the Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix. This causes her to summon Freddy Fazbear, Bonzi Buddy, Pedobear and Rocket, who have a fight with the Teletubbies and Alt 2.0. Longest episode of any TV show ever, first appearance of the Tiddlytubbies, broadcast live, and ended with the UnWorld almost being blown up (if the BBC and their friends Nickelodeon and Yahoo! hadn't intervened by clearing the set.)
  4. Filler: Dipsy sits there listening to Dubstep on the Tubby Phone for 30 minutes.
  5. Killing Rampage: Laa-Laa Goes to the Real World and kills even more Children. Meanwhile, Po teaches the Tiddlytubbies to be evil.
  6. Fun With Guns: Now With More Guns: The Teletubbies find even better and more destructive guns and shoot Jebus Khrist.
  7. Thumper's Return: Thumper comes out of hibernation and teams up with the other bunnies to finally kill the Teletubbies. Meanwhile, Dipsy and Tinky Winky learn curse words in 26 languages from The New Talking Flowers.
  8. Blblblbblblblbllbl: Shrek comes to Teletubby Land for a day and nearly gets killed by the Teletubbies.
  9. TubbyPost: The Teletubbies discover a social media site called TubbyPost on the Tubby Phone and lie about their ages so they can get accounts (due to being toddlers). When Po takes a picture of Tinky Winky's butt and it goes viral, the cops come to Teletubby Land and arrest her, so she uses PO COOTAH to break out of jail and gets arrested AGAIN-AGAIN.
  10. Fun with the Wa-Machine: The Teletubbies make WaFreddy and get WaJumpscared immediately after. Shortest episode of any TV show ever.
  11. Potty Humor: The other Teletubbies try to potty-train Po and see things they can't unsee.
  12. Ybbutelets: The Teletubbies meet their clones the Ybbutelets (Op, Ypsid, Aal-Aal, and Ykniw-Yknit) as well as Oon-Oon and 0.2 Tla. Then, WaOptimus Prime ruins everything.
  13. Naughty Whatdaheckaredosethings: After hearing a Voice Trumpet say "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE?!", the Teletubbies run away, except for Tinky Winky who nearly downloads Vine on the Tubby Phone, but it shoots him. Alt 2.0 suggests they go find who started the stupid Vine meme, which ends up with them discovering the Whatdaheckaredosethings.
  14. Vote: The Teletubbies disguise themselves as American citizens to cast 10,000 votes for Donald Trump.
  15. I Love The Salt: Laa-Laa mistakes some of the magic drug dust PO COOTAH shoots out for salt, so she eats it and gets high.
  16. Talking Flowers Say The Stupidest, Randomest and Worst Stuff Ever: Noo-Noo sucks up the New Talking Flowers for being stupider than the original ones.
  17. Yet Another Crossover: The Teen Titans visit and Alt 2.0 kills them just by looking at them. Meanwhile, the Teletubbies almost kill themselves after a fight over Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard breaks out.
  18. Playtime is a Very Dangerous Time: Tinky Winky blows himself up when playing with the Tiddlytubbies' "toys" (which are actually bombs).
  19. G Na Bat Tuh Lea Nie: The Teletubbies use Alt 2.0 (since she is a computer robot) to summon Bonzi Buddy. Apparently, it's a Wonder Pets crossover.
  20. Bonzi Buddy: Alt 2.0 accidentally downloads Bonzi Buddy on the Tubby Phone. The rest of the episode is all about Bonzi Buddy, Donald Trump, and pie. The pilot for Bonzi Buddy (TV series), poorly disguised as a Teletubbies episode.
  21. TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS: The Teletubbies go shopping for a new toilet - and Alt 2.0 gets hypnotized by a guy named A Wikia Contributor while the Noo-Noo babysits for the Tiddlytubbies and gets blown up by Ping.
  22. No Symmetry: Death the Kid appears out of nowhere and tries to kill Alt 2.0 because she's not symmetrical. Meanwhile, the Teletubbies try to watch Sanjay and Craig without freaking out.
  23. FIREWORKS!!!: The Teletubbies decide to have a fireworks show, but end up blowing up Teletubby Land.
  24. Tubby Custard Famine: The Teletubbies go on a quest to find ingredients to make Tubby Custard when mysteriously, there ends up being no Tubby Custard in Teletubby Land and the Tubby Custard Factory has to close its doors.
  25. Alt 8.0: Tinky Winky decides to "upgrade" Alt 2.0 to Windows 8 while Dipsy and Laa-Laa go on yet another date.
  26. Netflix and Chill: Let's just say Po and Tinky-Winky are nowhere to be found, but Dipsy hears weird noises coming from the Empty Room of Home Dome. Also, Alt 2.0 explodes.
  27. Good Meets Evil: Alt 1.0 comes to Teletubby Land to ask Alt 2.0 for advice on whether or not she should join The Good Teletubbies, but Po runs her over with PO COOTAH before she can even enter Home Dome.
  28. Tinky Winky's Adventure: Tinky Winky visits the planet Ogg and almost gets his head bitten off by WaWaBonzi Buddy. Meanwhile, the Tiddlytubbies kill each other with bombs and the other Teletubbies sit there waiting for Tinky Winky to return.
  29. Fart Noises: Dipsy invents a machine that can make anything into a bomb, but the other Teletubbies think all it does is make fart noises. They use it to annoy --- and unknowingly blow up --- people in the Real World.
  30. The Adventures Of WaMr. LWaMr. L learns that he has a brother named WaMr. M and tries to find him, while the Teletubbies go to Possum City to blow crap up.
  31. Eh-oh Swan: Laa Laa calls everyone a swan after looking up pictures on the Tubby Phone, while the Tiddlytubbies get attacked by a real one.
  32. The Tubby Pizza: The Delivery Guy delivers Tubby Pizzas to the Home Dome while Laa-Laa was messing around with the Tubby Phone. Laa-Laa then tazes the Tiddlytubbies, killing them. Dipsy then goes to the Tiddlytubby Nursery and eats Laa-Laa alive. This episode has a cliffhanger ending.
  33. Tinky Winky's Secret: Tinky Winky has a secret that involves dead kittens. Meanwhile crazy stuff happens as the FBI come and summon Hitler's Ghost. This episode is the best so far.
  34. Teletubbies Unbound Returns: When the Teletubbies merged once more. That causes grand chaos. So the Tiddytubbies are confused so, the Teletubbies Unbound put the Tiddytubbies in the Teletubby Acid Lake and dies. The episode ends with the Tiddytubbies's skeletons on the Acid Lake.
  35. Doddy's Return: Doddy returns and sees everything differently so, they Teletubbies want to enslave him. Noo-Noo follows Doddy all around the Home Dome until, he is sucked in by Noo-Noo and Noo-Noo malfunctions. The episode ends with Noo-Noo dead and the Teletubbies talking about nonsense.
  36. Thumper vs Alt 2.0: Thumper battles Alt 2.0 and Noo-Noo gets surprised because of all the disaster after the battle. Thumper dies at the end of the episode.
  37. Operation: OPERATE NOW: After the Teletubbies play OPERATE NOW, Lara-chan comes and operates on them. This episode got controversial because people were afraid to get cursed by Lara-chan. It got banned from the air, and the episode is now considered lost because it was removed from UnTube and is nowhere else to be found. Apparently, Lara-chan keeps a copy of it but isn't willing to release it anytime soon.
  38. Evil Red: Po shows something that is her favorite color (Red). She takes out a red taser, She also murders the Tiddlytubbies and laughs evilly for the next 4 minutes of the episode. Also, Alt 2.0 and the Tubby Phone both weren't in this episode. Also the Scary Lion gets killed by Po herself by running him over with her PO COOTAH.
  39. The Mystery: The Scary Lion returns and terrorizes the Home Dome. Alt 2.0 reappears and uses electricity to shock the scary lion and kill him!
  40. Never Give Up: Dipsy meets John Cena in the Real World and asks to fight him. John Cena says he can punch Dipsy all the way to the moon, but he highly doubts it. So, Dipsy decides to prove John Cena false!
  41. Pokemon No!: The Teletubbies download Pokemon Go on the Tubby Phone just because it's free, and turn stupid thanks to it. Laa-Laa nearly even commits suicide trying to catch a Magikarp.
  42. Cringe Rules: The Teletubbies try to get their minion MrGamingPerson's YouTube channel to become as cringey as possible so they can use cringe to rule the world.
  43. Gay Luigi: Po and Dipsy go to Hotel Mario and see Gay Luigi and Fat Mario and turn gay while Tinky Winky tries to kill Laa-Laa.
  44. WaWaWaWaWa!: All the Wa-Guys appear out of nowhere and destroy everything.
  45. T: Bonzi Buddy summons T who shoots everybody.
  46. Potato: The Teletubbies turn into potatoes and then they asplode. The second shortest episode of the show, at a mere 59.99999999 seconds,
  47. YTP: The Teletubbies try to make a YouTube Poop.
  48. Teledummies: Po and Tinky Winky play Idiot Simulator on Alt 2.0, and they turn Dipsy into an idiot. Meanwhile: Laa-Laa tries to die but FAILs.
  49. Walls!:The Teletubbies go back to Stutlus to see Donald Trump and Elena of Avalor again and help build walls.
  50. I Like Eggs: Dipsy blinks, and then the episode ends.
  51. Gay Luigi Part 2: The Teletubbies go to Hotel Mario for the second time.
  52. Teletubby,Teletubby,Go Away: The Teletubbies go to ruin the A-Team series finale by bringing WaMr. T to the set. They fail.
  53. Meet Alt 1.0: The Teletubbies decide to give Alt 1.0 another chance.
  54. Tweenies vs. Teletubbies: The Teletubbies fight the Tweenies, while Noo-Noo and Alt 2.0 meet Zoroark and WaMr. T.
  55. Maoism: The Teletubbies encounter Mao Zedong.
  56. Alt 247.2: Alt 2.0 accidentally summons in Alt 0.0, 1.0, 1.5, 3.0, 4.0, 4.3, 5.0, 5.1, 5.8, 6.0, 6.3, 6.6, 6.9, 7.0, 7.4, 7.7, 8.0, 8.1, 8.4, 8.7, 9.0, 9.3, 9.4, 9.7, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4, 10.8, 11.0, 11.3, 11.5, 11.8, and 12.0.
  57. Alt 247.2, Part 2: All of the Alts have a brawl. 2.0 wins, but some others survive.
  58. Alt 2.7: The Teletubbies notice that Alt 2.0 has not been updated for 9293995916993 years, so they upgrade her to Alt 2.6, but it makes her turn good.
  59. Laa-Laa sleeping: Laa-Laa sleeps for 5 hours. At the end of the episode, when Laa-Laa wakes up, she says "Congrats, viewer! You're now a creep!".
  60. The Teletubbies Season Finale #1: The Teletubbies fight the Telotubs for the 1st time in an epic 8 hour event. Cameo by Hippopocranuse.

Season 2

Season 2 will have 45 episodes.

  1. The: The Teletubbies do random and dumb things. This is actually the sequel to the episode What Are My Kids Watching?. Also, BBC was too lazy to think of a name, so they used a random word.
  2. Po ASPLODES: Laa-Laa wakes up one morning and ASPLODES Po for no reason. Then, she throws the respawning pads all the way to North Korea.
  3. Dipsy ASPLODES: Tinky-Winky waakes up one morning and ASPLODES Dipsy for no reason. Then he shows the respawning heads all the way to South Korea.
  4. Billy Mays: Billy Mays attacks the teletubbies.
  5. Brown Fluffy Rabbit: Thumper kills the Teletubbies while Vagineer kills Alt 2.0.
  6. Lblblblblblb: The Teletubbies find Shrek's swamp and kill him and Donkey. This is basically a sequel to episode 8.
  7. Pedoism: Pedobear appears out of nowhere and kills the Teletubbies.
  8. Nightmares: The Teletubbies think negatively about the times they were near Telotubs.
  9. Hexed: Benito Mussolini puts a hex upon the Teletubbies and their allies.
  10. T-ology: The T-2500.5 destroys stuff. Surprisingly, the Teletubbies are not in this episode.
  11. Hitlerification: Hitler's ghost "hitlerifies" everything and everyone, but then Alt 2.0 kills him.
  12. ZOGGOFAHAJGFJFHIKI: I’m not even sure how to describe it.
  13. I Have No Idea What To Call This Episode: The Teletubbies go to Bob's Burgers and order millions of burgers.
  14. Super Thumper: Thumper returns as Super Thumper and destroys everything in Teletubby Land.
  15. Vagineer's Return: Vagineer returns as Super Vagineer and destroys everything in Teletubby Land
  16. Poop: Chuck Norris kills everybody.
  17. Teletubaximus: Bruticus Maximus joins forces with the Teletubbies and team up to destroy the Decepticons because they stole Bruticus's cake.
  18. T-ology 2: The Teletubbies encounter the T-2500.5 again.
  19. Pain trains!: The Teletubbies lie down on train tracks and get killed.
  20. Return of Mr. T: Mr. T attacks the Teletubbies. This is part of a crossover with The A-Team (2016 TV series).
  21. Ran Ran Ruu!: The Teletubbies go out and fight Ronald McDonald!
  22. Ah!: The Teletubbies go out again and fight Billy Herrington!
  23. Ducky: The Teletubbies go out ONCE again and fight Ducky!
  24. Tubbyception: The Teletubbies turn on their Tubby TV and watch the episode Tubbyception, which is the Teletubbies watching Tubbyception, which is them watching Tubbyception, etc.
  25. Dipsy creates
  26. WaWaWeegee Ends!: The Teletubbies fight WaWaWeegee while Mr. T does as well while airing an episode on his show. This is when WaWaWeegee died.
  27. Po Clinton Part 1Po disguises herself as Hillary Clinton and gets elected for president. [Part 1 of 5, the other 5 parts to air throughout 2017]
  28. The Teletubbies discover and make cringey lip-sync videos until Alt 2.0 shuts them up when Po almost does one of her songs.
  29. Mr. T Returns: Mr. T appears again to make Alt 2.0 good by upgrading her to Alt 2.7, while Po and Laa-Laa try to infiltrate so they can kill Mr.T (which they can't). Meanwhile, Tinky-Winky and Dipsy encounter WaMr. T.
  30. WaMr. Teletubby: The Teletubbies encounter WaMr. T and make him a new Teletubby Minion.
  31. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!: Tinky Winky eats 2192905939182858664020104968199185885926900000000193959291345793929306123456789876543213495992192945110045929 pounds of Tubby Toast, then explodes.
  32. Deja vu: Dipsy paints Home Dome purple for absolutely no reason at all.
  33. Deja vu II: Dipsy paints Home Dome purple again for absolutely no reason at all.
  34. Deja vu III: Dipsy paints Home Dome purple once again for absolutely no reason at all.
  35. Letter World Go!The Teletubbies go to Letter World.
  36. You SUCK!: The Teletubbies get screwed up by some youtube commenters.
  37. BrurB: The Teletubbies use Photoshop to mirror Bruticus Maximus.
  38. I Don't Even Know What This Is: The Teletubbies go to Bob's Burgers again and kill all the customers.
  39. Mr. T's Revenge: Mr. T kills Laa-Laa 35 million times.
  40. Woo-Haya!: The Teletubbies tie SMG4 to a chair and force him to watch their show. This episode can also be watched on YouTube here under a different name.
  41. Juche Tower!: The Teletubbies visit Juche Tower in North Korea, but then get killed by Kim Jong-il.
  42. Gyeongbokgung!: The Teletubbies visit Gyeongbokgung in South Korea, but then Morshu kills them.
  43. Western!: The Teletubbies do nothing but listen to Kayne West.
  44. Nobody: The Teletubbies get owned by Nobody.
  45. The Teletubbies Season Finale #2: The Teletubbies fight Mr. T for the 727,188th time in an epic 15-hour event!

Season 3

Season 3 will have 52 episodes. THOYGOP!!

  1. T-TubbiesMr. T appears yet again and kills everyone.
  2. Tubbytendo Tii Q: The Teletubbies make a ripoff of the Nintendo Wii U.
  3. Po blows up, but then WaMr. T revives her and they team up to try and destroy the world and kill the other Teletubbies. Also, Noo-Noo turns into a potato for who knows why.: Exactly what the title said.........yyyyeeeeeeaaaahhhhh....
  4. T-Free Zone: The Teletubbies get owned Mr. T, and they get thrown into the respawning pads all the way to the UnUnUniverse. However, it turns out "Mr. T" was just WaAlt 2.0 wearing a Halloween costume.
  5. Because I'm Tubby!: The Teletubbies discover Weird Al's parodies and they sing all his songs until Alt 2.0 shuts them up and SHOOP DA WOOPs on them.
  6. Tinkeegee: Tinky Winky's Weegified ancestor kills the Teletubbies.
  7. TubbyPhone 7: The Teletubbies make a knockoff of the IPhone 7, known as the Tubby Phone 7, to try and prove themselves better than Alt 2.0.
  8. Noobism: The Teletubbies go on wikia and vandalize the wiki when they lie about that.
  9. Daft'd: Daft Punk arrives and owns the Teletubbies.
  10. Mr. T's revenge: Mr. T gets his revenge on the Teletubbies and owns them once more!
  11. R.I.P In pastaghettis: The Teletubbies go to a graveyard.
  12. PEHPSEEMANN!!!Pepsiman. Need I say more?
  13. Magiswords: Prohyas and Vambre appear outta nowhere and fight the Teletubbies.
  14. Where The Wild Teletubbies AreMario and SMG4 are on an intergalactic mission to find out why there are so many stupid teletubbies around. With the help of E.GADD they discover the dark truth. This is considered the second "SMG4 Episode" of the show.
  15. Slendytubbies: Tinky Winky eats too much tubby custard and turns into the Slendytubby. He goes around, killing Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and taking a dump on Noo-Noo for some reason. A white Teletubby comes in, and tries to stop the madness of Slendytubby, formerly known as Tinky Winky.
  16. Captain 16: Captain 16 freezes Teletubby Land.
  17. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: The Teletubbies hear Tinky Winky playing a video called Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.
  18. I Have A Complete Lack Of Any Title Ideas: Azure goes to Teletubby Land.
  19. Happycat: Happycat kills Teletubby Land.
  20. Aeiou: The Teletubbies play Moonbase Alpha.
  21. The Flood: Teletubby Land is flooded. Thumper sets fire to Home Dome after he spontaneously combusts.
  22. Saxophone: The Teletubbies fight over a saxophone.
  23. Vader Invades: The Death Star destroys most of Teletubby Land. 69% pure destruction.
  24. Vader Invades, Part 2: Darth Vader decides to systematically eliminate every single Land Bunny in the wasteland that used to be Teletubby Land.
  25. Vader Invades, part 3: The Baby Sun, Vader and the revived Teletubbies have a battle. The Baby Sun wins. Then, the Baby Moon kills the Baby Sun. Then Dr. Robotnik colonizes the Baby Moon, who turns into Robotnik's head and yells "PINGAS".
  26. Aliens: Greys abduct Po, and the Teletubbies have to steal her back. Tinky Winky grows a mustache.
  27. Aliens, Part 2: The Teletubbies fight against Jimmy Nutrin and blow up the aliens' spaceship with the Tubby Ship.
  28. Aliens, Part 3: The aliens, not finished yet, summon Limecat, but he ends up blowing up the aliens instead.
  29. Teletubbies and Telotubs: The Teletubbies fight with the Telotubs. Highly rated, despite short length.
  30. The World Needs More Stupid Teletubbies Episodes: The Teletubbies do random things, and Donald Trump dunks on everyone.
  31. WaWaWaWaWa! 2: WaWaWaWaNoo-Noo, WaPedobear, WaMarx and several WaTinky Winkies do stuff.
  32. The Weapon: Dipsy goes to Venus, kills some robots and acquires a Line Rifle... so he decides to have fun with it. Highly rated.
  33. geese: Robotic Canada Geese attack Home Dome.
  34. Fun with Guns Pi: The Teletubbies and a lot of other people have a fun time shooting each other. Full episode, navigable, is online at unwww.teletubbies.hell/bonus/fwgpi_download .
  35. i: All the characters so far in the show (and some more) do random things.
  36. Chemistry: Dipsy kills the other Teletubbies with chemicals. Tinky Winky dies to trimethylaluminium, Laa-Laa to cesium (the metal) and Po to chlorine. Meanwhile, Alt 2.0 upgrades to Alt 2.6 again, and paints the Tiddlytubbies white with titanium dioxide. Then, Noo-Noo kills Dipsy by pumping chlorine from Po’s dead body into Dipsy’s lungs.
  37. Po Randomly Punches Dispy: ...The title, but 1 hour.
  38. Spam: The Teletubbies eat Spam. All the while, keyboard-mash flies by the bottom of the screen.
  39. h: Home Dome explodes as the Teletubies dance for no reason.
  40. Nothing: Alt 2.0 kills a bunch of Ugandan Knuckles while Tinky Winky sleeps in a tree and Po shoots him.
  41. Hockey Time: The Teletubbies play hockey, first with normal rules (it gets extreme), then with guns while Noo-Noo is on drugs and destroys everything. Then, Communist Canadaball ruins everything.
  42. Bull: A bull herd tramples the Teletubbies.
  43. How to be INSANE BOYS: Tinky Winky screams at everyone, while Dipsy gets high and kills Noo-Noo, Laa-Laa murders Alt 2.0, and Po runs over every minion with her PO COOTAH.
  44. Cereal Man Kills The Teletubbies: Exactly what it sounds like. Pun at the end gives the viewer CBeebies.

Season 4

Season 4 has 40 episodes.

  1. Go away or die ! : Tinky Winky was tired of the baby sun. So he said to the baby sun to go or else Tinky winky kill the baby sun with all the guns he have.
  2. Po's crappy nightmare : Po dreams about her in a world with troll faces.
  3. All about roast : A remake to Caveman Times
  4. 160 : A episode with skits from episodes
  5. Po the fool : A remake to Dirty Po
  6. Oh my cheese ! : A remake of Cheese is yellow
  7. Pissing Goldfish : Po saw that his goldfish acts like a dog.
  8. Big and fat Dipsy : A remake to DIPSY!! GET OUT YOU STUPID MORON!
  9. The living bag !!! : A remake to The Evil Bag
  10. Fun With Guns IV: The Great Gun Game: The Teletubbies find the Teletubby Gun, and use it to shoot Teletubby Clones at everything they see.
  11. Tired of the Paid Programming : The Teletubbies torture Billy Mays because they hate his infomercials.
  12. TOPP, Part II: Billy Mays wasn't harmed at all, and poisons the Teletubbies with Oxi-Clean.
  13. Ybbutelets II - Wa: Wario gets bored and decides to Wa-ify the Ybbutelets. The WaYbbutelets then kill the normal Ybbutelets.
  14. Give me alone, Tinky Winky: A remake of Shut Up Tinky Winky!.
  15. End of season 4: The Teletubbies mourn the end of Season 4.

Season 5

Season 5 has 60 episodes. New adventures await...

  1. SHUT UP ITS SEASON 5!: The Teletubbies are still mourning the loss of Season 4, only for Alt 2.0 to tell them, "SHUT UP ITS SEASON 5 NOW!" at the Teletubbies, so they throw a party.
  2. Tubby Torpedo Create: Dipsy makes a new weapon known as the Tubby Torpedo, and uses it in a raid on The Good Teletubbies.
  3. Horror of Hot Sauce: Dipsy gets the hottest pepper in the UnMultiverse, and turns it into hot sauce, the Teletubbies then have fun using it for their needs.
  4. Who is fat ?: A remake to Feeding The Fat One
  5. Fun with Potty: A remake to Potty Humor
  6. Sucka Wakka: A remake of Noo-Noo Gets Turned Into Pac-Man.
  7. Tribal Tubbies: This episode takes place in a time where the Teletubbies are now from the Tubbytot Tribe.
  8. Containment Breach: SCP-173 spawnkills the Teletubbies, but then Nine-Tailed Fox shows up and kills everything, even themselves. Also features SCP-1459 at the end.
  9. Containment Breach 2: Reptilian Boogaloo: SCP-682 adapts to the ways the Teletubbies try to kill it.
  10. Teletubbies Have Experienced Too Much Earrape: The Teletubbies do incredibly weird, strange and bizarre things.
  11. Bose-Einstein Condensate: The Teletubbies merge into PoDipLaWinky, and exploit quantum physics to kill Teletubby Land Bunnies. They also freeze the Telotubs.
  12. Strange Matter: Po summons a strangelet, but it eats Home Dome.
  13. Big-Ass Tornado: An EF5 tornado happens. The Teletubbies chase it, but eventually a satellite tornado flings their TIV into Home Dome. The Tiddlytubbies laugh at this.

Season 6

This season will have 120 episodes.

  1. Being a jellyfish is not enough : Episode's time : 650 millions of years before Jesus-Christ
  2. Bienvenue au restaurant : All the Teletubbies are been invited to a diner with Alt 2.0 in a restaurant.
  3. Tinky Winky Swallows a Locust: A Locust flies into Tinky Winky's mouth and it lays eggs inside his stomach, then he pukes them out and they cause havoc.
  4. Laa-Laa DIEs: Laa-Laa asplodes gorily. Gordon Freeman did it with his Gravity Gun.
  5. Trouble in Egypt : Alt 2.0 chases the Teletubbies for breaking her "living" stone in the great pyramid. But then they discovered a mummy ...
  6. Spebbaduretangflarkabong: One of the highest rated episodes yet. Several cameos.
  7. Po Face: Po discovers Poo Face's laboratory and thinks he is Poo (one of Po's ancestors) so she betrays the Teletubbies to join her, so Dipsy becomes temporarily leader.
  8. Another Rabbit: A Polof finds its way into Teletubby Land, and the Teletubbies mistake it for a Teletubby Land Bunny.
  9. Another Rabbit, Part 2: Ruggut adopts the Polof, and the Teletubbies have an epilepsy dance party.
  10. The Big City [REDACTED] Station: The Teletubbies mess around with the Big City [REDACTED] Station, resulting in a giant Billy Mays spider tank going through Teletubby Land.
  11. This Won't be Ice, Part 1: As revenge, the Teletubbies go to the Ducky Empire to steal a Snowtomic Bomb.
  12. This Won't be Ice, Part 2: Whoopsie! The Teletubbies just got caught by a searchlight and have activated the almighty Quadgun, and now it's on the loose!
  13. WaTeletubbies Unbound: The Teletubbies decided to merge along with WaTinky-Winky to form a "Teletubbies Unbound + WaTinky-Winky" to destroy the world.
  14. Fun With Guns V: Bullet Bonzana: The Teletubbies shoot everyone and everything outside and inside Teletubby Land.
  15. Blast to the Past: George Bush, Jebus Khrist, Billy Mays and communist Robbie Rotten kill everything in Teletubby Land. Several cameos.
  16. Rjtifjekjtjeosoj287rur8u3jrsow8fpfu383i8e: The Teletubbies and their minions all have seizures while on a seizure background. Caused OVER 9000 seizures.
  17. Rjtifje... etc, Part II: Noo-Noo makes all of Teletubby Land combust.
  18. Cupcakes: Po turns Tinky Winky into cupcakes. Definitely not a ripoff of a popular fanfiction.
  19. Communism [beat] In the Soviet Union: Dipsy shoots Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po with an AK-47, killing the first 2. Po redirects the bullets through Dipsy's head. Po explodes, and Noo-Noo does the Duck Hunt Dog Laugh.
  20. Icosahedron: Po gains possession of the Icosahedron, and destroys all of Teletubby Land.
  21. Nobody Likes Thanksgiving: Po takes out some Cranberries to eat, but Dipsy uses a miniature Tubby Bomb on them and the place floods with Custard, so Po uses her Fruit Loop of Doom to make Dipsy cease to exist, as Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky chase a turkey around and run into the acid lake. (Thanksgiving special)
  22. Halo: The Teletubbies steal haloes from the grocery store in Halo while there’s a halo display.
  23. Ducky Returns: The Teletubbies fight Ducky one last time, who is now using the Quadgun.
  24. Tubby's Peak: It‘s that time of year where the Teletubby Land volcano erupts, and Noo-Noo dies.
  25. Tubby's Peak, Part 2: Pallas and Vesta argue about how the destruction scenes in Tubby's Peak Part 1 were too fast and inaccurate.
  26. Po blows up the Black House because she wants toast: Self-explanatory.
  27. Aeiou 2: The Teletubbies play Moonbase Alpha again.
  28. Power Off, Please!: Tinky Winky, after texting someone on the Tubby Phone, somehow can't turn off the latter because it keeps turning back on for some reason.
  29. Sulfuric Spelunking: by using the Tubmarine, the Teletubbies discover the Teletubby Land Acid Tunnels.
  30. Banana Split: Donkey Kong loses his bananas to the Teletubbies, he then goes apes**t on them, even Expanding Dong.
  31. Fun With Guns VI: Tanks Too!: The Teletubbies use tanks to raid their fridge.
  32. Kool-Aid FTW: Uber Dask pays a visit to Teletubby Land, so the Teletubbies enslave him. Needless to say, he doesn't like this.
  33. It Happened: Po has finally done it. She got her hands on the N-Word Pass. I think you all know what happens now.
  34. Tinky Winky Snaps: Tinky Winky has had enough (again), so he flays alive the other Teletubbies and then eats them. Then Noo-Noo sucks him up and rules Teletubby Land, but Alt 2.0 shoots him.
  35. IHateYou: Alt 2.0 gets the ILoveYou virus and gets an E-mail, at first, she thinks some random low life was trying to date her or a child had fanmail saying that he wants to become a Teletubby recruit, but the virus then overwrites her files and she forgets who the Teletubbies are and who she is, or was before she was hacked.
  36. Alt 2.0 Spends all of her Do Re Mi Cold Cash!: The Teletubbies go out and fight Cranky Kong so that they can make Tubby Toast flavored Chewy Chews, and Alt 2.0 wins the lottery and blows her cash on loot boxes in Overkey 2.



Season 6.5 will start at Season 6, Episode 64.

Season 7

A leaked clip of the premiere of Season 7 shows the Teletubbies behind a wooden barricade, with metallic honking in the background. Tinky Winky comments on how many there are, so the Teletubbies throw him out over the barricade. He explodes upon hitting the ground, suggesting there was a mine. Multiple highly distorted images featuring Teletubbies have been released as of 11/20/2018.

Duh Mewvie

movie based on the series, because of its popularity, will be released December 5th. Teletubbies Movie 2: WaBonzi Buddy attacks Teletubby Land for no reason and has an epic battle with Teletubbies Unbound. Also, Alt 2.0 ASPLODES. Meanwhile, Pedobear kidnaps the Tiddlytubbies because he loves little girls.


  • This, along with the original, is Indoraptor's absolute favorite show. There's random carnage everywhere and she enjoys every bit of it. It wouldn't be a surprise to say Indoraptor is a big fan of the Teletubbies themselves. Although she and children love it, almost everyone else hates it. A lot.
  • A lost episode exists where Kirby shows up out of nowhere and kills the Teletubbies. It's currently locked away in Home Dome. .
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