Teepo is a gray Teletubby who can't read, and is blind. He is also a Satanist, he says that his star means satanism, but thats a pentagram, which needs a circle too.

He is the weakest Teletubby ever, Dipsy believes that its because he sit on his butt all day eating Dipsy Doodles, and he's right. He is very much of a slacker and never will go into war along with the rest of the Teletubby Army, and Tinky Winky also encourages him to go outside, he never does. One thing he DOES do, however, is clean Noo-Noo every now and then, but this is rare, until Laa-Laa threatened to destroy him with a battle axe, so now its quite common.

His place in the Teletubby Army.

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