Teen Titans celebrating after defeating a supervillain. In their imagination.

Cquote1 You're under-arrest for doing homework kid! Cquote2
Robin blaming a kid.

The Teen Titans are teenage, crime-fighters led by Robin and later Starfire. Teen Titans is also a stupid group of weirdos who pretend they are the most awesome crime-fighting heroes. Instead of fighting villains, they fight innocent people for blaming them for doing bad things.


The Teen Titans started when Batman decided he was sick of putting up with Robin all the time. The two got in a fight, and Batman kicked Robin out. Robin then set out to create his own superhero team in hopes of being as awesome as Batman. He tried to recruit Superman and Chuck Norris, but that didn't really work. He went to plan B: find a bunch of teenagers with superpowers and make them fight to the death with supervillains.


Teen Titans

An image of the group before Raven became obsessed with Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Robin became a jerk, and Summer Hugglemonster came around. (Note: Jinx is not there.)

  • Robin - A powerless idiot who doesn't have any powers but is still the leader.
  • Starfire - An alien girl who is currently residing in Earth because her planet is being attacked by another aliens.
  • Raven - A demonic girl who posseses people into giving her pies.
  • Cyborg - Half robot, half human. He's not really a teen. He's more of an old guy that lived since the 1940's, even though he acts like a teen.
  • Beast Boy - A shape-shifting green mutant who can change into different things such as diapers and tissue paper.
  • Jinx - Was first a villian but later became a member due to Raven and Starfire's love affair. (Don't ask.) She left and joined the HIVE again after the Summer Hugglemonster incident.
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