Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties is the eighth episode of the Teletubbies TV series. It is about Tinky Winky's hopeless attempt of actually figuring out why the TV is not working. The episode can be watched on ShamesCoarse with a code, which is weird considering ShamesCoarse doesn't have Teletubbies episodes on it.


The episode starts where the last episode leaves off. Shigeru Miyamoto and the Teletubbies decide they are bored of beating up Tinky Winky and leave. The bruised and bloody Tinky Winky decides that some nice TV should relax him. He walks over to it, and presses the button. But it doesn't turn on. He kicks it, and presses the button again. It still won't turn on. Tinky Winky attempts to think of a solution.

The next fifteen minutes of the episode are a combination of Tinky Winky kicking the TV and pressing the power button. He eventually decides he is not hitting it hard enough. He gets a mallet, and smacks the TV a few times. Then he pops it a few times with a Magnum and even shoots it with a SPARTAN LAZOR! This simply prevents the TV from ever turning on again. Tinky Winky then screams "DAMMIT YOU STUPID ELECTRONIC BOX!" then buries the TV and spits on its grave.


This episode is funny because Tinky Winky does not like it. Everybody likes it when Tinky Winky is upset, because Nobody likes Tinky Winky.


  • The only line spoken during the whole episode was Tinky Winky saying "DAMMIT YOU STUPID ELECTRONIC BOX!"
  • This was the first Teletubbies episode to not contain any drug reference.
  • It is revealed in an interview with the BBC that the TV wouldn't turn on because it wasn't even plugged in.
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