Gender: Female
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Black
Species: Literally just water
Home:  ???
Death: What can I say, she's died hundreds of times
AKA: Teardrop
Likes: Memes
Dislikes: Woody (Object), Flower, This is Bob
Education: 98 years of Teardrop School, 3 years of Meme School
Occupation: A teardrop
UnRank: 256

"..." - Teardrop


Teardrop, is...well...a tear. What did you expect?

She is known for being able to shoot lasers out of her fingers. Woody (the object) has a crush on her, much to the dismay of Teardrop. Teardrop is also the one thing Woody is not scared of.

She is rumored to be a huge fan of memes, and is also quite intelligent, getting straight A's in eighth grade. She ended up having to abandon Teardrop school, because she was drafted.

Teardrop is also a crybaby, and has died hundreds of times. She even died to The scratch cat once.


  • Teardrop was entered in a contest to win a worthless private island but lost.
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