Teachers are evil humans hired to enslave innocent children. Thus, Abraham Lincoln hates them. They live in places called schools. Unfortunately, people have decided to become teachers without being forced to.

Types of Teachers

200px-Donkey math teacher

Oh egad! It's a math teacher!

There are many types of teachers, far too many to list. But we can tell you the meanest kinds of teachers are the math teachers. They give you no break whatsoever and try and fill your head with the worst type of subject: Math. They also give lots of Homework. These merciless creatures will stop at nothing to make sure that Elementary, Middle School, and High School students live through a nightmare of equations and x. Some teachers, on the other hand, don't have Purple Pi and are actually quite nice, like science teachers. They show their shaken students awesome stuff like Potassium in Water.

What teachers are made of

Microscopic bugs called Purple Pi live inside them, causing them to love math and make them super lame. Some teachers are made of pure evil, and they don't need the purple pi to be super lame.

People that hate teachers

How they get their work done

Since teachers have hacked into the police computers, they made it so going to school was a law. So sadly, upset mothers and dads have to send their child onto a dangerous machine called a bus which is driven by a creepy old Bus Driver. Buses are supposed to send kids to school. If the kids are successfully sent to school, you're forced to go to a room and a teacher makes the kids sit at an uncomfortable, fragile chair. Then they give the kids work and they're forced to do it, which has no benefit for the child whatsoever, and is only done for the sake of the teacher getting more and more money, and the child convincing himself that he is actually learning. (Can you believe that?)

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