The Real...

Final form.

Tara Gilesbie was a random internet troll that appeared in 2006. She posted My Immortal, the worst fanfiction of all time. It basically made every Harry Potter character a goffik satanist. Tara died on May 21st, 2010 because her computer couldn't take the spam and exploded, blowing her head off in the process


Tara arrived on Fanfiction.Net sometime in 2006, and posted the most heinous tripe in history, My Immortal, which was otherwise a decent song. She really hated preppy people and was a major hypocrite, listening to prep music despite claiming she was a goth (a poseur one.)

A lot of blonde people and preps hated her because of her bashing of them. All of these people formed a rebellion, aptly named the Prep Rebellion. All of the preps and blondes fought her, but Tara was too strong and defeated them all.

Tara's victory was short lived, however. When she was about to post the sequel to My Immortal on Fanfiction.Net, her computer suffered an emotional breakdown, stood up on the table, and said to Tara, "You freaking know freaking what, you freaking idiot? I'm done with this freaking spam, you freaking sexbomb! I was not freaking made to freaking do this!" Then the computer asploded (or "exploded" as boring people would say) and killed Tara, disintegrating her head off.

Final Form

Tara's true form, as pictured, is her final form and is a lot stronger than the regular Tara. She used this form to defeat all of the preps in the Prep Rebellion.

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