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The Talking Teletubbies toys are made by the Teletubbies to brainwash babies, toddlers, infants and mainly children. They are not licensed by Bye Bye Children either CEE BEE BEES. Instead they are licensed by ceebeebeecee.

The toys and their functions

The toy is just a teletubby. A boring teletubby. But if you do stupid stuff with it, it's awesome!


Po works like Po. If you chew him (and if you are at the bathroom) he'll throw you at the toilet. Same thing happens when you try to microwave him. He's made out of PVC.


HE SAYS TUBBY BYE BYE ALL THE TIME! Also if you punch him he'll murder you with his lightsaber. Unlike the other teletubbies, he's a working knife.


He's edible. If you eat him he'll eat you too. He's a cannibal figure.


Unlike the 3 Teletubbies above, she's EVILER. He likes to dance with you, but she has twisted secret that makes several idiots cry and scream "MOMMY! DADDY! HELP!" .

  • She could kill you.
  • She's a cannibal.
  • She likes hooking people on a noose.
  • CBBC staff were killed when they used this figure.
  • She has a real snake inside of her.
  • She likes to eat human flesh.
  • She ate one Mega Mac once, and it was SUPER TASTY, along with the entire McDonald's staff.
  • She ate the PETA staff once.
  • She's like Kirby.
  • She's a master in jumpscares. And bites.
  • She has a knife acessory which IS A REAL KNIFE.
  • Po loves this figure even though he was eaten by Laa-Laa.
  • She only says swear words.
  • Once, a Cartoony choked on this toy, but he was surprisingly still alive.
  • Much like Pou, she acts like Pac-Man.

It's the most dangerous toy on the whole world, same thing with that stupid Fire Fairy shame that everybody hates.


He could suck you.


It can function as.a Candee dispenser, but all the Candee gets coated in cyanide.


She does nothing execpt saying stupid things like "Burn yourself in a oven!" and "Put a knife on your parent's body!".


A special white edition of Laa-Laa. Unlike Laa-Laa, she does nothing. YOU HEAR ME? NOTHING!


Despite being banned in over 666 countries (execpt for the Nuclear Islands), it released a bunch of shames.


  • These toys are rated A - For kids and everyone despite the toys being for adults over 20.