The Talking Flowers are Flowers that are in Teletubby Land. The flowers can talk and the tubbies find them annoying. More annoying than The Annoying Orange.
Laa laa and flowers

Laa-Laa whacking the flowers with an umbrella.

What do they chat about?

The Talking Flowers like to talk about Stuff like calling Tinky Winky Stupid and stuff that Nobody cares about. They like to say things to each other about the Teletubbies saying You suck!! or That's a stupid bag to Tinky Winky. Then he hits them with his bag. One time, They annoyed Dipsy so he killed them by stepping on them then pulling them out of the grass then he threw them in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake.

Noo-Noo can suck them up if they annoy Him. The flowers are Most often eaten by the rabbits. The teletubbies then cheer.One Day,Dipsy found a rake and scraped the flowers.

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