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Coverart for Tails the Fox

Tails the Fox is a shame that stars Sonic's sidekick Tails.


After Sonic accidentally steps on Tails' foot, Tails declares he will get revenge. He runs away and finds an old shack. This is where the shame starts. There is a lame Tutorial level, then some enemies come to attack. Tails kills them by jumping on them.

Next, Tails goes outside and he has to fight about 682,197,191,172.17 enemies. After completing this task, he decides to fight Sonic himself. Tails kicks Sonic in the face, and the boss battle begins. At the end of their tussle, Tails flies into the air, and lands on Sonic's face. Tails punches Sonic in the face, and they are even in pain.


This shame was hated mostly for the reason that it was created just to annoy the members of the Anti Tails Movement. The Anti Tails Movement worked very hard to get this shame off of the shelves, but it can still be found in the blackmarket and on ShamesCoarse.