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Tails the Fox

Tails the Freak Fox

Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow (due to bladder overflow)
Eye color: Blue
Species: Two-Tailed Freak
Home: Sonic Islands
Death: Loserness Overdose (Then killed again by Silver)
AKA: "It"
Likes: To not be a loser (as if)
Dislikes: His life
Education: Pilot School (expelled)
Occupation: Loser
Known For: Being Sonic's second in command
Being a Gigantic Loser
UnRank: -10000.5

Tails Bomb

Sonic? What's this? Here, catch it!

Cquote1 What are we gonna do, Sonic? Cquote2
Tails displaying his ignorance. The answer is written in capital letters on a gigantic billboard right behind him.

Miles "Tails" Prower (nicknames include Tails the Freak, "It", Miles the Loser and Two Tailed Freak) is a freaky fox that somehow developed a second tail. He is the sidekick of Sonic, and appears in many shames with him. Tails thinks he is friends with Everybody, but Nobody is his only friend. He is the least popular shame character to date, even to the length of the Anti Tails Movement being created.

Tails was born with two tails. The other animals hated him because of this. He grew up to be obnoxious, stupid, and, well, he grew up to be Tails. These are all terrible things to be. Everyone hated him more and more. Eventually, the mean kids were beating Tails to a pulp when someone came to save him. You guessed it! Fatman! Fatman was taking a vacation in the Sonic Islands, and he saved Tails. However, Fatman realized how much of a loser Tails was, and Fatman started beating him to a pulp. Emperor Sonic saw this, and Sonic saved Tails. Tails thanked him by following him around forever (poor Sonic).

Sonic was forced to tolerate Tails as they went on many adventures together. Tails' greatest achievement to date is starring in a shame of his own: Tails the Fox, and its sequel, Tails the Fox 2. Tails is also known for once defeating Dr. Robotnik by himself (even though Dr. Robotnik was sleeping at the time, and Tails had a Spartan Laser). Other than this, Tails is a loser who has never done anything.

Tails is also known to have a bladder disorder. This is the reason he is not in so many Sonic shames. He is too busy using the bathroom. This is also what causes his yellow coloration. It is also believed he really can keep up with Sonic when he wants to, but he doesn't because he has to use the bathroom every 10 seconds.





He can count to 3, if he tries really hard.


About as strong as a feather.


You're kidding, right?

Hatred Against Him


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