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Tails the Fox
Tails the Fox
Full name: Miles Prower
Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow, brown, or orange, depending on which version
Eye color: Blue
Age: 8
Species: Fox
Height: 2ft 7in
Home: Coco Island, Westside Island
Death: Still alive
AKA: "Tails"
Likes: To be a hero

To stand up for himself

Dislikes: Lightning
Education: Self taught
Occupation: Sonic's sidekick

Lotus Super 7(formerly)

Known For: Being Sonic's sidekick

Being a genius

Powers: Enhanced speed

Flight Super intelligence Technical know how


Tails with his bomb in Tails' adventure. His bombs were later replaced with the dummy rings

" Okay! Time to fly! "
  —Tails when entering a battle in Sonic Battle

Tails is a fox, who is friends with Sonic. Nuff said.



Tails was bullied a lot when he was younger, and Sonic came, and thy were best friends. There is a lot of controversy over how Sonic and Tails met, but I think of it like Sonic Adventure.

Tails has a huge arsenal, all centered around his intelligence. He builds things like, Bombs, Remote Robots, Magic Hands, Electro Cannons, Biplanes, and many more. Is intellectual know-how is only matched by Eggman, they share the same iq. Tails is the smart, high-flying character, who wants to believe in himself, and reach the highest of all the heavens. He was born with 2 tails, and to all you Tails haters out there, STOP BULYING HIM! Seriously, how would you like it if you were bullied like how he was?


Varying attack techniques, such as rhythm twister, and uses his intelligence to aide him in battle.


The equivalent of Dr. Eggman, with 300 iq.


Relatively strong, can take on Shadow among others. Uses a wide variety of tools and gadgets to help him fight.


He is the third most popular Sonic character, behind Sonic and Shadow.

Hatred Against Him

Many people may hate him, but they can't do anything about him.

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