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"Herp a derpaderp."

-Tado's catchphrase

Tado is one of the Teletubbies, and he's very stupid. Even more stupid than Tinky Winky. He is named Tado because his head looks like a frickin' potato. He left Teletubby Land to pursue his dream: opening up a potato shop, for potato cultivation. The Teletubbies didn't care, considering he's an idiot.

His power is that he shoot potatoes out of his Tummy TV. He loves potatoes, after all.

He also like food a lot, considering he's a fatty. He eats on a constant basis, and he's Super Fat. He also can suck his gut in so he doesn't look Super Fat.

Relationsip With The Four Main Teletubbies

Tado doesn't really care for the original Teletubby gang. He's off doing his own thing, meandering about. On the other hand, the Teletubbies really didn't like him for his stupidity.


  • Tado's often mistaken for the late Chris Farley.
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