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A Taco Bell restaurant.

Taco Bell is a facility dedicated to three things:

  1. Giving people diarrhea
  2. Giving people diarrhea.
  3. Giving people diarrhea.

You may notice "giving people diarrhea" is on this list three times. That's because that is the only thing Taco Bell can actually do. Taco Bell might as well be called "Diarrhea Bell". Actually, they don't really have a bell, so they are just "Diarrhea". Welcome to Diarrhea, how may I help you?

Taco Bell was founded during the Burger War. When McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King were all away in battle, the only option people really had was to eat at Subway. Yeah, like that was going to happen. Because of this, some guy who's name is Sans Undertale Jr. decided to start a place called Taco Bell. He called it this because they sold tacos and he had a creepy obsession with bells or something.

After the Burger War ended, McDonald's resumed its position as the most powerful restaurant in the UnWorld. Taco Bell attempted to start a second restaurant-related war, but it's attempt of "war" consisted of throwing soft tacos at a McDonald's window. This "war" ended when the janitor chased them off with his mop.

Unknown to everyone, Sans Undertale Jr was battling Not Epic Brain Disease for 25 years; Sans Undertale Jr. has been strong in the fight against the memes before he died in 2010. Beanos was then made the CEO for unknown reasons.

Dipper Goes to Taco Bell Incident

As of 23rd of August, 2012. A boy named Dipper Pines was brutally killed by a taco that was created from Taco Bell. According to a police report, Dipper Pines ate a piece of taco. Upon eating a taco. Pines went to the restroom to defecate. It was so horrific saying it was from HP Lovecraft would be like comparing Captain 1 to Captain 0. After this unspeakable incident, the ENTIRETY of Taco Bell shut down at August 30, 2012. 3 Days later Taco Bell would reopen under the ownership of Pink Guy.

It's not the last time a person would die at Taco Bell.

First CEO Second CEO Third CEO
Sans Undertale Jr. Beanos Pink Guy