Syria Flag

How UNoriginal.....

Syria is the most dangerous place in the Arab World (Which is located in West Asia and North Africa). It and the rest of its Arab brethren were created by Bashar Al-Assad, who leads just Syria itself specifically. Syria is home to the killing sprees and is also one of the homes of terrorism along with Afghanistan.

It was originally under Bowser's rule of the Bowser Empire, but it gained independence sadly.


Syria's exact location.

Along side Korea (Both North and South) and the Satanist Empire, you can't do ANYTHING that is America-related. In Syria, you are FORCED to believe in Islam, and nothing else.

In Syria, you are forced to go to war, and you are not allowed to show your emotions (Which leaves everybody being generically sad in the country). If you EVEN want to go to war, you CAN'T bring one of your friends in the country with you.

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