Sword of Epic

Various forms of the Sword of Epic

The Sword of Epic is an epic sword that can do epic stuff. It is know for the fact that it often changes owner. Yeah, it grows legs, and walks away until it finds a new owner.

The sword of epic is one of the most dangerous weapons there are. It can do all sorts of things normal weapons can not. Nobody knows the true limit of its power, but it is legendary. It is so legendary that the Sword of Epic said he didnt need any protection from the Barrier Trio, isnt this sword EPIC?!?

Known Powers

The sword has near infinite power, but it has not been fully explored. Here are a few known powers of the weapon:

  • Cut through anything
  • Shoot energy beams
  • Grow legs and start walking
  • Pick noses without cutting the nose
  • Blow Stuff Up
  • Make Pie
  • Make funny sounds
  • Turn into other weapons
  • Hypnosis
  • Epic Manipulation
  • Almost anything you can imagine. Yup, even that. Yeah, that too. Yup, even that. NOT THAT! I said almost anything you can imagine.
  • It is thought that besides the Roundhouse Kick and the P.I.N.G.A.S., this could be the most powerful weapon ever known.

Known Owners

  • Many unknown individuals.
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