Aww yeah. Now THAT'S a sword.

Swords are cool weapons (which double as toys for kids aged 4-18, not recommended for 3-year-olds because of choking hazard) which can slice through things and kill people. They are like knives, but you need 2 hands to hold one (unless you're a ninja) and have a MUCH longer blade. You could chop, like, 3 people in half in one swing!

Ganondorf Sword

Ganondorf's Sword

Swords can do lots of fun things! Breaking stuff is a piece of cake with a sword, and you could break chairs, plates, tables, people, so needless to say, it's really fun! They also come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. For example, the Sword of Epic changes into lots of different forms, colors, shapes, sizes, and abilities! Hey, I hear Swords of Epic coming to Toys R Us soon! That oughta be fun!

Using a sword comes with a lot of responsibilty, though. You can't just go around a chop stuff up like a madman! You'd get arrested! That's not good! So what do you do with a sword when you find one? Well, it's take a ski mask to hide your identity and THEN start chopping things up! Duh!

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