Cquote1 NO!! I'm not paying for s***!! Cquote2
Swindle refusing to pay his money.

Swindle, the Sellout right leg of Bruticus Maximus.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Money-coloured
Eye color: Purple
Species: Robot
Home: South Brazil, was born on Cybertron.
AKA: Money
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Not money
Education: NA
Occupation: Sellout
Known For: Being part of a viral Mine Song parody

Swindle is one of the five components of Bruticus Maximus, he forms the right leg (As Brawl forms the left leg). He's BFF's with Vortex, who is lewd as hell.

He turns into a jeep, but it's that obvious when looking at his parts. He's got two guns, one is a rocket in his vehicle, and one giant gun that was the gun in his vehicle mode, which the rocket attaches to.

Swindle's dream is to be not just the robot with the most wealth, but the individual being with the most wealth. He's kinda like Mr. Krabs, except a lot MOAR hostile.

Some people call him a stick figure, but they don't tend to last very long.

Swindle met Mr. Krabs at one point. Suddenly, he decided to attack him. He kicked him all the way to Soviet Russia.

He also spammed pictures of Autobots with no money on 4chan.

After getting blown up by SpongeBob SquarePants, he later got revived by Thanos via the time stone. Swindle is also the eighty-third member of the Infinity Army chronologically.

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