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" NO!! I'm not paying for s***!! "
  —Swindle refusing to pay his money.
Swindle, leg
Gender: Male
Hair color: Money-coloured
Eye color: Purple?
Species: Robot
Home: South Brazil (formerly Cybertron)
AKA: Money
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Not money
Education: Internship to Stingy
Occupation: Bad
Known For: Actually getting killed by this guy

Swindle is the right leg of well-known Teletubby minion Bruticus Maximus. He is well known for destroying Cheems's Horny Jail 939026842935 times to bust out his BEST LIMB BUDDY 4EVUR Vortex.

He turns into a jeep, or, alternatively, a leg. Swindle has two guns: one is a rocket in his vehicle, and one giant gun that was the gun in his vehicle mode, or Bruticus Maximus's Pingas when combined.

Some people call him a stick figure, but they don't tend to last very long. We don't know why this is.

Swindle met Mr. Krabs at one point. Suddenly, he decided to attack him. He kicked him all the way to Soviet Russia. But then Stalin came and crumpled Swindle up like a pretzel for sending a filthy capitalist to the glorious Soviet motherland.

He also spammed pictures of Autobots with no money on 4chan, but Troll pointed out that they were just pictures of Autobots, and that money didn't have to be in the frame. Then, WaTroll infected Swindle's computer with OVER9000WaTwinky-Doop and he DIEd. That's how 4chan works, kids.

After getting blown up by Spongebob, he DIEd again.