Abe Lincoln

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Swimming With Abraham Lincoln is one of the most controversial episodes in the Teletubbies TV Series. It is criticized for its racism and extreme political views.


Abraham Lincoln goes to Teletubby Land because Jebus Khrist tells him that if he can kill all of the Teletubbies, he will be revived and he can bring back his slightly racist views to the United States of UnAmerica . So Honest Abe goes to Teletubby Land, armed with an axe he "borrowed" for George Washington, and a Mecha Killer Suit 2000, which makes him impervious to any attacks. He murders all of the Teletubbies, except for Po, who survives, but Abe does not know that. Jebus apparantley doesn't either, as Abe gets revived and goes back to the White House, which had been renamed the Black House because of recent actions against\for racism. Then Po arrives at the Black House. Po ties up Abe, throws him in a burlap sack, and throws him into the river so he could drown to death. Revenge was accomplished, but the slaves were not freed. Instead, Po takes over the Black house, and starts mucking around with the various contraptions within. This causes an oil spill, leading to a gigantic bomb placed in the basement by George W. Bush. Po then discovers a plan to make peace with Iraq. Po laughs at the paper, and gets out a lighter to burn it. However, Po slips up on the oil spill and accidentally lights the oil instead, causing the bomb to explode, destroying the Black House and killing Po.


Parents hated this episode for its racism and extreme political views. Kids liked it, but didn't understand the political parts. MSNBC loved this episode as well because they are cray, and hate the United States of UnAmerica.

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