Swearing is Fun

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Swearing is Fun is the ninth episode in the Teletubbies series. This episode teaches young children all about the benefits of a potty mouth. This episode was the fan-favorite from its creation all the way until Heart Explosion was made 12 minutes later.


Tinky Winky is dancing around singing about poop. Laa-Laa then comes up to slap Tinky Winky, informing him the correct term is Shit. Tinky Winky does not know how to pronounce a dollar sign, let alone the letter "t". Laa-Laa then proceeds to give Tinky Winky a swearing lesson.

Meanwhile, deep in the pits of Hell, Po is searching for signs of life. She stumbles across Dora the Explorer's House. She goes inside, and Dora the Explorer informs Po that non-demons are forbidden. Po provides a demon-badge and is welcomed into the home. The two have a chat about tea and crumpets.

Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky are not having much success with the swearing lessons. Tinky Winky can't seem to form bad words without slapping Jebus Khrist. Jebus and Laa Laa decide the best course of action is to just shoot Tinky Winky. But just then, Po and Dora burst through the door with AK-47s. They blow holes into Jebus and Laa Laa, saving Tinky Winky's life. Jebus is a god and Laa Laa is undead, so neither of them are seriously injured. Dora then grants Tinky Winky the power to say bad words.


Parents liked this episode because it taught their kids more words. Of course, we didn't tell them what words it was teaching. In fact, we told them the name of the episode was "Happy Ponies Teach You Happy Words". We're sure the parents will be back after the kids tell them they smell like $#it. And, this is Angry Video Game Nerd's favorite episode.


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