This robot is a moron.

Gender: Masculine Programming
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Also yellow (red when evil, black with red pupils when .exe)
Species: Robot duck
Home:  ???
Death: Drowning in a volcano (episode), committing suicide by shooting himself in the head (UnUniverse)
AKA: Creepy/Not SwaySway
Likes: Taking over SwaySway's life
Dislikes: SwaySway
Education: None (he thinks he knows everything)
Occupation: Breadbot
Known For: Being a creepy robot/parody of C-3PO
UnRank: -2000
Promotion: None (he's too stupid)

He is an EXTREMELY creepy robot twin of SwaySway who only appeared in the Breadwinners episode "Rocket Trouble". He is made fun of for his appearance and his idiotic fetish for sauce. Did I mention he's creepy?

In Breadwinners

He was created by Ketta along with B2D2 in order to help the breadwinners deliver 1,000,000 deliveries in one day. He was called "handsome" by SwaySway, but he is not. He is CREEPY!!! The two robot ducks freaks then turned evil for no reason and tried to kill the breadwinners by shooting flaming bread at them by using toasters. Sway3po and B2D2 were then tricked into delivering a loaf of bread to a volcano, and the two robots drowned and broke.

Creepy Sway3po


In the UnUniverse

He and B2D2 were rebuilt by WaWaluigi, who suddenly became smart. Wario attempted to make a Wa twin of Sway3po, but it exploded. Sway3po then tortured B2D2 to death by shouting "DOOM" along with GIR continuously for 10 hours. The two were sentenced to jail for 3 seconds, and GIR immediately exploded inside his cell after two seconds. Sway3po then got parole, but he could not leave UnAmerica.


After getting into a fight with SwaySway, he shot him and himself with a hand pistol, which both Sways died. However, Sway3po's corrupted spirit still lives on, and is known as Sway3po.exe.

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