The Superme Cork is a giant cork, floating in space, filled with some of the greatest* minds in the UnMultiverse. Its purpose is to provide a legal system in the UnMultiverse, though it usually focuses on petty things like bugs, drugs, pugs, immigration policy (In space? Really?), and finding out who stole the coffee.

The Supreme Cork (center), displaying some sort of sinister, alien message.

  • They're actually all pretty stupid.


  1. Jebus Khrist (UnOfficial UnLeader)
  2. Thimper (Second-In-Command)
  3. Monkey Creature (Enforcer of the Law)
  4. Magikarp (Enforcer of the Haw)
  5. Mitt Romney (Probably In Charge of the Coffee)


The Supreme Cork originated in the Isopod Dimension, where a bunch of Giant Isopods were having a party and drinking giant bottles of giant champagne. Their bottles were so giant and so heavily pressurized that their colossal corks flew off into space. There, aliens from various worlds and dimensions started landing on them, so the isopods grew frightened. They outlawed champagne, finding a new source of addiction in Doritos, and tracked down all the corks. They managed to successfully destroy all the corks but one: the Supreme Cork, which had fallen under the protection of the fearsome, powerful Jebus Khrist. Jebus warded off the isopods, gathered some allies, and sailed off to uphold the law of the UnMultiverse. It's a good thing they were in space, where nobody can hear you LOL.

Contributions to the UnWorld, the UnUniverse, and All of Creation

  • Legalized gay marriage in the Negaverse (after Eggman Nega killed everyone in it)
  • Sent Dr. Who packing (although he was apparently just donating his suitcase to Space Goodwill)
  • Invaded Earth; no explanation (or skill) necessary
  • Made Phoenix Wright look like a savant, simply by existing
  • Got lonely
  • Made some coffee
  • Got even lonelier
  • Lost the coffee (though Mitt Romney swears it wasn't his fault, so it definitely wasn't)
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