Cquote1 Superior in the air...... what's my name again? Cquote2
Superion, being an idiot.

Superion soars in the sky seriously striking some s's!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Gold antenna, black "hair"
Eye color: Blue (Without mouthplate), Red (With mouthplate)
Species: Combiner
Home: Cybertron
Likes: Flying
Dislikes: Decepticon Combiners
Occupation: Sky guardian
UnRank: 5^^15,000

Superion was the first Autubot combiner created followed by Defensor (Which was considered their ultimate success), he was consisted of five Autobots who can fly named the "Aerialbots", led by Silverbolt.

He was made as the Autobot's response to Devastator, though the Decepticons got their revenge by creating their second combiner (and first 5-man combiner), Menasor. This means Superion has two nemeses. However, he does see Defensor as a good friend, and someone that he can count upon in battle.


  • Silverbolt (The leader, a concorde jumbo jet forming the torso).
  • Fireflight (An F-4 Phantom II forming the right arm)
  • Slingshot (A harrier jump jet forming the left arm)
  • Skydive (An F-16 Falcon fighter jet forming the right leg)
  • Air Raid (An F-15 Eagle fighter jet forming the left leg)
    Superion's Components

    Superion's components from left to right: Slingshot, Skydive, Silverbolt, Fireflight, and Air Raid.

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