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The Super Zelda Super Show is one of the worst shows ever made. Dic doesn't even know that Zelda is the princess. They must be very stupid.


Season 1

  1. GAME OVER: REVENGE OF GANON: Link meets King Harkinian and Zelda, but is interrupted by Ganon. Ganon kidnaps Zelda and King Harkinian's DINNER, and Link must save them. Featuring Vegeta.
  2. The King's DINNER: Link cooks DINNER for King Harkinian. Featuring Luigi.
  3. Morshu's Shop: It's Zelda's birthday and Link is planning for revenge. So, he must get enough Rupees to buy Bombs from Morshu. Featuring Scrooge McDuck and Beastboy.
  4. ERROR's Party: Squadala Man must save Link after Link got drunk at ERROR's party that he held. Featuring the Wonder Pets.
  5. Excuse Me Princess!: Link burps. Nobody is featured.
  6. Link DIES: (Note: Link did die in one episode but was brought back to life) Ganon wins in a battle with Link. Zelda must take Ghost Link to Hyrule Castle to revive Link with DINNER. Featuring Bowser and the Koopalings.
  7. Dinner Blaster (Part 1): Link, Zelda, Bowser, and The Stupid One get kidnapped by the Teletubbies, and King Harkinian must save them with his Dinner Blaster that he got form Morshu's shop. Featuring Snake, The Stupid One, and the Teletubbies.
  8. Dinner Blaster (Part 2): Tinky-Winky becomes WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky and King Harkinian, Link, Bowser, Zelda, The Stupid One, Ganon, Weegee, Applejack, and Chuck Norris must kill him. They win in one second because of Chuck Norris.

Season 2

Confirmed to come in January, 2015. Two mentioned episodes coming up are I HAVE MERCY! or Giygas Invasion.

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