Super Wario Kart Wang is a shame for the Nintendo Wang[1] released back in the 17th Century. It features Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Miigi eating pasta and driving Wario Karts.[2]

The Awful Shame Itself


Bowser failed yet again to win the heart of Princess Peach gain world domination, and decided to get all of the afforementioned characters to do his dirty work for him, so he could watch his soaps. They all then were too stupid to join the Wario Kart race and the such.


Many people hated this shame. Some idiots loved it. It made Nintendo $0.01.


  • Nintendo was bankrupt after this shame undersold
  • Mario resented that the shame recieved Nintendo's Seal of Quality since it obviously was not of high quality
  • Dr. Phil contributed the penny of sales


  1. Nintendo Wang is Chinese variation of Wii.
  2. A Wario Kart is different from a regular go-kart since it is powered on evil gas.

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