Steroids, steroids everywhere...

Super Strong Giant Person is some very strong person. He is also very tall. He is also NEDMgee's minion. It is said that he is so strong that he can lift 1,000 pounds with one arm. Many people are scared of him because he looks very scary. Nobody knows how tall he is. Few people have ever seen him. He is either strong enough to become an undefeatable or be very close to becoming one (of course, he could be beat by a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris). He isn't able to stand against Paul Bunyan due to his sheer size however.

He once wanted to become a professional wrestler, but decided he was too powerful and that no-one would be able to defeat him. He also thought about becoming a professional boxer or mixed martial artist, but realized he would also be too powerful, so he became a lifeguard. Now he runs along the shore in slow-mo, being strong and lookin' good.


When some nerd was being picked on by geeks, he decided to fight back. So what he did was combine two elements to form a pills. The pills was called steroids because the nerd's name is Steroids. He dranked the steroids then he became a super strong giant person. 

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