180px-Super sqeegee (1)

Look out for this guy!!!

Super Squeegee is a form of Squeegee that is about 4567 times more dangerous than that of Squeegee. He is also 7654 times uglier. Not that we judge people by their appearances or anything... (yes we do)


During The Fakegee War, Hergee was looking for Squeegee. Squeegee hid in a cave. After an hour, he found magic stones. When he rubbed them all over himself (like a idiot), he became Super Squeegee. Hergee looked at him, then realized it was SQUEEGEE!!! After, doing this S.S. shot him in the face. Hergee ran away, but didn't quit his quest.

Later on the boardwalk, he was almost killed by R. Super Squeegee picked him up and threw him to East Hyrule. Then he landed on a Bomb. After a while, he met Mama Luigi who said he stole his hat. Of course S.S throws him. Now in the war he hid in a tank, and decided to dress up like a old lady to hide his real face. After 7 hours Hergee found him. Not happy, he kicked Hergee in the groin, causing him to cry and run off.


He is still alive and can kill You, so be VERY CAREFUL!!!!

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