Super Sonic

Don't piss this guy off...

Super Sonic is one of Sonic's most powerful forms. Sonic can turn into Super Sonic whenever he has all seven Chaos Emeralds. As if this isn't enough, he usually needs Rings too. Super Sonic is incredibly powerful, because he can bend lightposts!


Sonic first gained his ability to turn into Super Sonic shortly after meeting Knuckles. He had pickpocketed Knuckles, who conveniently had all seven Chaos Emeralds in his back pocket. Sonic took them, and he started playing with them. The Wise Ones then descended upon him (like my fancy words?), and they told him if he combined their power, he would be granted legendary powers. Sonic told them that was BS, and tried it.

Sonic flashed bright gold, and ran faster than he had ever ran before. Then, he ran through a mountain, he destroyed Dr. Robotnik's base, ran through another mountain, blew up the Moon (later repaired), ran through a black hole, and then touched back down in front of the Wise Ones, who decided it was unwise to give Sonic these powers. So, they stole the chaos emeralds from him, but he just finds them and turns back into Super Sonic.


Super Sonic2

We mean it. Don't.

When Sonic turns into Super Sonic, he gains legendary god-like powers. The most obvious and well known power he gains is the ability to turn a weird gold color. Many think he turns into metal when this happens, but it is actually radiation poisoning that could kill him at any minute.

Then he gains many other more boring powers. First, he is indestructible. He can not be harmed by anything short of some form of god or god-like being. He can also run through mountains without getting hurt.

Then he also has a bunch of other boring powers that we don't care about.

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