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Super Smash Bros. Fail Show is a TV show about Super Smash Bros. Fail. (self explanatory) It first aired on 1971, February 21. Right now, there are a total of 982 episodes. The show played 2 mini-episodes per episode so do the math! 982x2=1964. HOLY CRAP! The shows not bad actually but, some episodes are pretty bad. (VERY BAD.)

They divided it into 9 seasons which made 109 episodes per season.

Note*****-Season 1 Episode 4 has 3 episodes.

The Seasons

Season 1

S1E1- The Big Big Big Big Big Biginning/Meet Patrick Star

S1E2- Holy Shat! It's Creepy DK!/Pedentio the evil evil guy who watches you while you sleep!

S1E3- The Die Guys who are evil too/ The Crappy Water Park which is crappy

S1E4- The Big plan/The Nuthouse/The Bad Guy Castle

S1E5-The Projectile Production/The Scary Haunted Hotel of Weegee/The Man on the...

S1E6- The Bad Guy Castle again?/The Eyes

S1E7- Kirby gonna have Lunch./Waddle Talk

S1E8- New Mario goes to Birmingham./New Luigi eats a basketball

S1E9- Patrick Star wins a free keychain/ Kirby juggles things.

S1E10- Bowser makes his arrival/ Weegee stairs at a tumble weed/ Waddle Dee and the Teletubbies.

S1E11- Bowser steals Mario's spaghetti/ Waddle Dee steal won't die.

S1E12- New Mario makes a movie/ Wario refuses to join the cast.

S1E13- The awesome one destroys everyone and spits them out unharmed?/ Johnny C. Goes to the house on Green Hill

S1E14- Evil Guy trys to lose weight/ New Luigi gets put in prison

S1E15- Waddle Dee sees something/ Mario cosplays as Weegee / The crappy waterpark Two.

S1E16- Trapped in Patrick's house/ Tingle loses his maps.

S1E17- Trapped in Patrick's house Part Two/ New Luigi finally gets out of prison.

S1E18- New Mario Finally Snaps/ The wrath of the WaClones.

Season Two

S2E1- RAINBOWS!/  WHO WAS PHONE?/ Mario and the Bear.

S2E2- Waddle Talk 2/ Weegee destroys a banana man.

S2E3- Bowser hates Anime/ New Luigi loses it.

S2E4- The Pirate Episode/ Mario befriends Wamario.

S2E5- The Hanukkah special.

S2E6- Super Mario Super Show Crossover/ Barney destroys stuff.

S2E7- Super Mario Super Show Crossover Part 2/ Evil Guy returns.

S2E8- Waddle Talk 3/ Plankton Da: Shame the movie/ New Luigi commits suicide.

S2E9- Toads suck/ Bowser meets Barney.

S2E10- Weegee starts a circus/ New Mario loses his toothbrush/ Patrick is fatter than Mario.

S2E11- Kirby's AK47/ Dark Sonic reads a fanfiction.

S2E12- The bad guy castle yet again/ New Mario falls down a endless flight of stairs.

S2E13- Meet the pickles/ Evil Guy is back yet again.

S2E14- Frollo and Weegee go to the kings house/ Waddle talk 4.

S2E15- Pickles hate Bowser/ The Pirate episode 2/ Hungry Pumkin interview.

S2E16- Yoshi jumps off a cliff and lives/ Mr. Owl is a jerk.

S2E17- Giygas joins the cast/ Pickle massacre.

S2E18- Yoshi thinks New Mario is Mario/ Waddle Talk 5/ Kirby and Patrick pretend to be Gumballs.

S2E19- Darwin Watterson is prank called/ Bowser goes to India.

S2E20- Pickles are all over The Nut house/ The Pokemon collection.

S2E21- Mama Luigi meets Luigi/ Weegee and Malleo sing caramelldansen/ Giygas goes skateboarding.

S2E22- The best of Super Smash FAIL/ The worst of Super Smash FAIL.

Season 3

S3E1 - The great explosion/ Albert Einstein Interview/ New Luigi is still alive!?!?!?!?!?

S3E2 - White Yoshi is freaking, racist/ Kermit the Frog vs. Nemo vs. Jaws Vs. Mama Luigi.

S3E3 - Giygas robs New Mario's new car/ Story time with Patrick Star.

S3E4 - Ghost Town Part Uno/  How to open things with pickles.

S3E5 - Ghost Town Part Dos/ Officer weirdo joins the cast!

S3E6 - New Mario kicks browser's shiny metal booty/ Ronnie McDoggle is prank called.

S3E7 - The Pirate episode 3/ Straight Outta Compton Waddle Style.

S3E8 - Yoshi eats every single WA clone ever, ever, ever/ Officer weirdo arrest marathon

S3E9 - Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and even The Awesome One can't even kill waddle Dee?


S3E11 - CREEPY DK IS BACK! PART ONE/ Kill all bubble guppies.

S3E12 - CREEPY DK IS BACK! PART TWO/ Giygas and the beanstock/ Patrick eats a bus.

S3E13 - Officer weirdo crime history/ WeeMalSheeGas vs. Giygas!

S3E14 - Marx joins the cast!/ Weegee goes on a killing spree.

S3E15 - Just cancel this dumb show already! (FAN MAIL SPECIAL!)

S3E16 - Evil guy takes off his mask.../ Christmas short special part one of 87

Every single Christmas special later...

S100,000,000,000,000E100,000,000,000,000 - The Best/ Worst of Smash Fail Two!

S?E?:Waddle Dees take over/ awiddledoyepisode :p

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