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Super Show Mario
Mario Artwork.jpg
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: Mushroom Kingdom
Death: Suicide by Hanging
AKA: Peter Johnson, Jason Ellis
Likes: Spaghetti, The Princess

Super Show Mario was a version of Mario from an Alternate UnUniverse who had a stupidly complicated backstory.

Origins and Service (1943-1966)

Super Show Mario was born in 1943 and was originally named Peter Johnson. In 1962 at the age of 19 He wanted to serve in the cold war but during training, he had an affair with one of the fellow trainees' girlfriends and said trainee beat the shit out of him and almost killed him. Peter was deemed too weak to serve and was kicked off the program. Peter didn't give up yet so he did what Captain America did he signed up to a super-soldier program and went to Area 51 to be injected with super-soldier serum which made him strong and instantly made him grow facial hair. From 1962 to 1966 he served in the US army. In 1966 after the cold war ended Peter wanted to quit the job and become an ice cream salesmen but his contract hadn't ended so he faked his death in an explosion, deserted the US army and fled to London where for the next 31 years he worked as an accountant.

Accountant Job (1966-1987)

After faking his death Peter changed his name to Jason Ellis and moved to London where he got a job as an accountant at some trading company. A couple years later Jason fell in love with a co-worker, they got married in 1970, had a son in 1975 and a daughter in 1978. In 1987 Jason beat up some 18 year old trying to toilet paper his house. It turns out that 18 year old was the son of a Member of Parliament, Jason got into serious legal trouble and had no other option but to fake his death in a car crash and flee Britain. He then fled to the mushroom kingdom, gained some weight, put on some colorful clothes and changed his name to Mario.

Life in the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario spent the rest of his life in the Mushroom Kingdom where he decided to save the Princess cause he wanted to easily make cash. He did this for years and he was happy but soon the US and UK governments tracked him down for faking his death twice, assault and deserting the army Mario then went into hiding, About a week later the police found Mario's body hanging in the restroom of an abandoned night club.