Super Shadow is a legendary form of Shadow that was first sighted during the time period when Sonic and Shadow frequently fought one another after they were separated into two separate beings. Super Shadow has all the powers of Super Sonic...and then some.
Super Shadow

Super Shadow in his "I'M SO COOLIO" pose.


Super Shadow was created when Shadow found the Chaos Emeralds in space, while he was fighting Sonic. They both decided to hold their breath for a very long time and race each other to the center of the Death Egg, which was still a prototype back then. Inside the Death Egg, Sonic and Shadow found the angry Godzilla, who had aged considerably and was now living on life support. Because Shadow is a total jerk, he decided to break Godzilla's life support system. Unfortunately, Old Godzilla decided to get back at Shadow by using Chaos Control. This technique fused Godzilla with the Death Egg prototype, turning him absolute mess. Sonic wet his pants with fear and decided to share his Chaos Emeralds with Shadow because he's "a real nice guy". Then, the two superpowered hedgehogs killed the absolute mess, which made Shadow very tired. In fact, he was so tired that he fell from space all the way to Earth. He landed in a small town in Russia, where people mistook him for a meteor.


"Sharing time, baby!"

Current Whereabouts

Ever since Super Shadow's little mishap in space, Shadow has allegedly been in a deep coma, accompanied by several hallucinations. For instance, Shadow thought he was an action hero, fighting aliens and driving around on motorcycles. However, it has been confirmed that Super Shadow landed on top of the shattered remains of the Dark Chaos Emerald, splitting him into two separate entities: Shadow and Super Shadow. This would mean that Shadow is currently alive, while Super Shadow is dead. There is a photo of Shadow in Russia, taken a few weeks ago, which confirms that he is indeed alive.
Shadow in russia

A photo of Shadow at St. Basil's Cathedral, Russia. The white barrier around Shadow is caused by Chaos Control.


Super Shadow has many powers, which make him stronger and cooler than Super Sonic. Here they are:

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