Super Pepsiman after its creation before being controlled by Pepsiman.
Super Pepsiman


Super Pepsiman is the insane fusion of Pepsiman and Googolplex after the former kept obsessing over the latter and possessing him back into Sir G, also leading to Pepsiman being bats**t insane, being nearly as strong as NaN. He was destroyed by Dipsy and his team, leading Pepsiman back to his sanity while forcing the former's team to go away while he kills Googolplex after the accidental creation of this puppet.

Yes, it was at first a puppet before Pepsiman went inside its head and controlling its mind and actions. When not controlled, it is zombie-like with specific quotes such as "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!" and "G-POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This probably explains the hypno-esque eyes.

It's also the "good" counterpart of Super Dimentio (Which obviously isn't much better than this).

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