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*[[Gorthan, Destroyer of Light]]
*[[Gorthan, Destroyer of Light]]
*[[Supper Mario Bros: Stream Blast]]
*[[John McCain]]
*[[John McCain]]

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the title screen


the map of the game. note that it takes place in Alaska


level 2-2


level 6-4. the final level in which the player must fight the final boss, John McCain


level 4-3

Super Obama World
is a new shame for the USNES (Un-Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and it is a rip-off of the shame, Super Mario World. The Obama Administration wanted to advertise Barack Obama's campaign during the 2007 election so they got a copy of Super Mario World and made it Obama style. This helped a lot and this shame helped Obama win the election. The shame is the only reason why people voted for Obama in hopes of a new, and better sequel to this but it never happened so no one is going to vote for Obama next time. They will probably make another shame like this next time.


The levels all take place in Alaska and are very challenging. It was meant to make fun of Sarah Palin because she lives in Alaska (or something like that). The levels however, are very similar to Super Mario World. At the 4th part of every level, Obama must battle a boss. The bosses are:


Everyone loved it and they even wanted to marry it. The game was given great ratings by the ESRB ISN and other peoples.

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