This is the work of someone's toaster.

the Super NintenD'oh Entertainment System(In Japan this shaming system is called the Stupid Farticom) was a terrible idea spawned by the microscopic brain of the head of NintenD'oh: Homer Simpson. (Actually, it was made by his toaster in the middle of the night.) You see, Homer had this idea that since he was rated the worst shame maker of all time, he should keep making shames. That way, people would like him. He made the SNES to fulfill his dreams (doughnuts, pigs and beer).

Homer, thinking he's a genius (He's not. I mean it.) came up with a "great" idea. He took a NintenD'oh Entertainment System, shoved doughnuts and bacon into the circuits, poured Chemical X and beer all over it, taped a inside-out Skaris One-Bit on, added a bunch of random stuff (such as the WaMachine and a dingo), grinded it all into paste, poured it into a molding machine, cooked it at 1000°F for 5 seconds, and he named it the SUPER NintenD'oh Entertainment System. Bart Simpson said this was crap and nacho cheese on a stick connected to a Juice Box (which was all in the console), so Homer strangled him during the commercial. This act of violence caused everyone to go out and buy it for some reason.

Everyone played it for about five minutes before remembering the NintenD'oh Entertainment System's terrible gameplay, and then looked up to realize the SNES had already exploded. This is because cheese, Chemical X, cardboard and circuits don't mix. Everyone demanded refunds so Homer screamed "YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!" The angry mob proceeded to chase him and he crushed them with a giant pig.

Due to the "success" of this system, Homer made the NintenD'oh 66.

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