Cquote1 **** the ******* little ****! Cquote2
Mario throughout the Shame
Super mario vampires

Box art

Super Mario Vampires is a Shame that is consisted one of the most violent shames in the history of history. Jack Thompson has tried to ban this shame for years. He successfully banned it in Europe.


Mario has been bitten by Count Blackula, the coolest vampire in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has to go on a gory quest filled with blood, gore, and swears to turn back into a human. There are lotsa levels, actually, there are only three levels:

  • Level 1-Mushroom Kingdom
  • Level 2-Spaghetti World
  • Level 3-Blackula's Castle

Shame Play/Reception

Super Mario vampires was real eased for the Nintendo 64. It is considered the most violent shame ever released on that system. It was rated N for Never. It contained lotsa blood and gore, language, and violence. There is a cutscenes were Vampire Mario used a chainsaw to cut Ludwig Von Koopa's head open. Then he used a syringe to gouge out his eyes until his eye sockets were empty. The controls are too complicated to explain, so I won't. Game Informer said that this is a "great shame! There is so much awesome violence. I thought I knew all of the swear words there are in the world, but boy was I wrong. I didn't know that *****,******,****! was even sentence." There is a movie called Bagel Movie.

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