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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stairs is an infamous shame

The boxart for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stairs.

starring New Mario for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was made by Nintendo in cooperation with Stair Pengix.


This shame was designed around the fact that New Mario cannot jump on enemies. If he did, he would shatter into bits, and Nintendo would become bankrupt. Thus, it was made into an RPG. The real Mario was on vacation during the development process, and could not star in the shame.


Saruman the White has obtained the Sword of Epic and stashed it in a secret closet in Peach's Castle. Leading up to the closet, there are seven stairs. Each of them is protected by a spell and guarded by another character in the game who also wants the Sword of Epic. They must be defeated before breaking the protective spell and moving on to the next stair. Once they are defeated, they join the player's party. At the very end, the closet door can be opened, and the player can fight Saruman himself, who fights with the Sword of Epic. Once he is defeated, the Sword of Epic grows legs and runs away in search of a new owner.

An alternative version of the game when Mario was no longer on vacation: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stairs Remastered, made the game only about Mario tripping and falling on stairs. Luigi told him about the stairs.


This game is a turn-based RPG, with no actual levels to beat. There are only bosses. Thus, this game technically qualifies as a boss rush.


  1. Bowser: The Koopa King, and (New) Mario's archenemy. Unaware of the existence of the Sword of Epic, all he cares about is killing Mario.
  2. Princess Peach: Wants to reclaim her castle and knows that the only way to do so is to fight the people on all the stairs.
  3. Geno: A talking doll. Wants to acquire the Sword of Epic.
  4. Mallow: A cloud who thinks he is a frog (yes, that can happen). Wants to acquire the Sword of Epic.
  5. Saruman the White: The final boss of the game. Fights using the Sword of Epic itself, transforming it from a sword into a giant hammer.
  6. Some random guy (sorry, I can't say his name because it's copyrighted): A secret boss that can only be fought if the player completes the game without dying once or taking damage. Is nearly impossible to fight, but is completely optional.

    New Mario and co. fighting Saruman the White during the final battle of the game.


This game received largely positive reviews, even though Biased Ratings gave it a 5/10 because it did not feature the original Mario. It became even more successful than any of the regular Mario Shames.