Super Mario 64 EXTREEEEEME is a video shame for the Nintendo 64. It has the same controls as Super Mario 64 and has new power ups. It has a complex story and DLC that you can buy at stores in real life or in the in game store.


It starts with Waluigi finding the magical Dual Wield Golden Pistols and decides to start destruction. Mario and Luigi have to save the Mushroom Kingdom from Waluigi. Waluigi teams up with King Koopa, King Dedede, and Your Mom to defeat them. The game has multiple playable characters who are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and The King of Hyrule. Once you beat the story mode you unlock free-roam mode, which is similar to Grand Theft Auto, in which you can run around killing toads and enemies.

Power Ups

Iron Mario

Not to be confuse with Metal Mario, Iron Mario is super heavy but will rust in water.

Extreeeeeme Mario

Extreeeeeme Mario is invincible and can kill any one by poking them (except Chuck Norris).

Karate Mario

Mario dresses up as Jackie Chan and can instantly do ever karate move ever.

Fire Mario

A boring old normal Mario power up.

Water Mario

Can breathe under water but dies when he touches fire.


Super Mario 64 EXTREEEEEME has a bunch of DLC. Heres a list:

Sanic DLC

Link DLC

Waluigi DLC

Chuck Norris DLC

Captain 0 DLC


Happycat DLC

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