Super Mario: Teletubbies! 3 is the second sequel to the game released only on Hong Kong for the Game Boi. It was released in Japan, North America, And Europe due to its good graphics unlike Super Mario: Teletubbies! 1 and Australia Due To [1] Appearing In It. As the name of the game implies, it is a game based off of the [wikipedia:Teletubbies|Teletubbies]. This game was released during when they were famous, but due to this game, it took the [wikipedia:Teletubbies|Teletubbies] off air.


  • A= Jump
  • B = Attack
  • Up = Look Upward
  • Down = Crouch

Playable Characters

CharacterJumpsAttacksAction AAction BSpecial Power (C)Action LAction RhmmDown In AirWalk SpeedUnRank
Mario22NoneNoneSpin JumpNoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound2.7121,487
Luigi22NoneNoneHigh JumpNoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound2.494
Wolley22NoneNoneSpeed RunNoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound3.683
Yvan12NoneNoneIQ of 7532NoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound2.94105
Wario23NoneNoneWario WaftNoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound2.40
Waluigi23NoneNoneVandalizeNoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound2.12683
Sonic12Homing Attack (In Air)NoneLight DashQuickstep LeftQuickstep RightLook UpwardStomp4121,486
Blaze12NoneNoneFire SpinQuickstep LeftQuickstep RightLook UpwardNone2.7962,846
Daisy22NoneNoneFlower PowerNoneRunLook UpwardNone0.6900
Rosalina22NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneLook UpwardNone2.4476
Tails12Fly (In Air)NoneIQ of 500Quickstep LeftQuickstep RightLook UpwardNone2.4 -10000.5
Silver12NoneNoneLevitateQuickstep LeftQuickstep RightNoneNone0.9765
Maria22NoneNoneSpin JumpNoneRunNoneGround Pound2.7121,484
Luise22NoneNoneHigh JumpNoneRunLook UpwardGround Pound2.491
Sega Genesis135Suicide (Press 14 Times)NoneGroundsmashNoneNoneLook UpwardGround Pound1121,488
Tinky Winky135Suicide (Press 14 Times)NoneGroundsmashNoneNoneLook UpwardNone170,261
Dipsy135Suicide (Press 14 Times)NoneGroundsmashNoneNoneLook UpwardNone199,999,9999
Laa-Laa135Suicide (Press 14 Times)NoneGroundsmashNoneNoneLook UpwardNone1900000
Po135Suicide (Press 14 Times)NoneGroundsmashNoneNoneLook UpwardNone1962,845
N/A23NoneNoneNoneMove LeftMove RightLook UpwardCrouch0N/A
N/A23NoneNoneNoneMove LeftMove RightLook UpwardCrouch0N/A
Rayman14Fly (Hold)Charge Fist (Hold)Energy Ball Blast (Rayman 2)NoneRunLook UpwardGroundsmash2.7121,485
N/A23NoneNoneNoneMove LeftMove RightLook UpwardCrouch0N/A
N/A23NoneNoneNoneMove LeftMove RightLook UpwardCrouch0N/A
Classic Mario135Suicide (Press 14 TimesNoneGroundsmashNoneNoneLook UpwardNone2.7121,487
N/A23NoneNoneNoneMove LeftMove RightLook UpwardCrouch0N/A


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