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Super Link Galaxy is a shame sequel of Super Malleo Galaxy for the Nintendo Kinect where Peach got kidnapped by Marx and Link is supposed to defeat Marx but doesn't know how, because Marx is an Undefeatable OVER 9000!!!. Mario is in Florence showing the residents how to jump 6 meters. Luigi just married Daisy and they moved to Spain and is now living in Madrid. Malleo died when X-616 blew up a bomb that killed him, Bob Saget, Cyber-Dee, T-5000, and T-5001. Weegee died when Guiyii did the Geddan and blew up Earth. and therefore Link was forced to do it.


The Nintendo Kinect doesn't require any controllers, so you just move your body and attempt to do backflips and triple jumps. You have to eat a mushroom to grow big, which some people might have allergic reactions to it. You throw a ball at George W. Bush to throw a fireball at the n00bs employed by Marx. And you do the worm in order to get into a turtle shell and blast into bosses like George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, or Your Mom. Now, in order to summon Chuck Norris to fight the bosses, you must have a republican come in (not George W. Bush or Sarah Palin) and punch a pillow 20 times.



It got a 4.1 on the International N00bs System

It got a horrible yucky 1.2 on teh National Alien Ratings

and It got a -3.4 on the Interdimensional Shaming News.


There is supposed to be a sequel called Super Link & Malleo Dimensions, where Link and Malleo have to beat up X-616 and the devil. You get to travel to cool 4D and 5D and throw a bunch of things at Sarah Palin.

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