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Super E. Bowser
Super Eviler Bowser.png
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red
Species: Turtle/Dino/Lizard/Monster
Home: Bowser's Castle
Death: Turned into Bowser
AKA: Super Very Eviler Bowser
Likes: World Domination
Dislikes: Restraint, Airport Security
Education: Smarter than Bowser
Occupation: Monster
Known For: Being all-powerful
UnRank: 12,123,123,123,123,123

Super Eviler Bowser is the most powerful form of Bowser. He is more powerful than Eviler Bowser. He is god-like, and matches the likes of The Awesome One.

Super Eviler Bowser is like Eviler Bowser, except eviler, and epicer. Nobody knows how Bowser turns into Eviler Bowser, but Eviler Bowser probably turns into Super Eviler Bowser in a similar way. Then, he breaths fireballs the size of Texas. Nobody knows what exactly he's capable of, but everyone knows it is epic.

He has defeated Mario in three seconds. That is why nobody ever messes with him. He appears in the shame: Super Eviler Bowser's Shame. In it, he does epic stuff.

After Bowser is Super Eviler Bowser for a week, he turns back into Bowser. Then, he grabs whatever's closest to him, and uses it as a pillow as he takes a long nap.

Ever wondered how Venus died went into its fashionable phase?

Favorite Snack

Super Eviler Bowser has a favorite snack. His favorite snack is very delicious in his opinion, and if he gets the chance to eat it, he will. Try to guess what his favorite snack is.


  1. It is on Earth.
  2. It is a living creature.
  3. It is in the same spot you are.

Answer: Run away before you're toast.