The Super Emeralds are seven enormous gems that contain immense magical power. They are composed of Chaos Energy and the remains of the Wise Ones. There is only one person who can use their power, a hedgehog by the name of Sonic. He can use the Super Emeralds to turn into Hyper Sonic.
Super emeralds2

The Super Emeralds, formerly known as the Wise Ones.


The Super Emeralds were created after the Wise Ones sealed the Chaos Emeralds into an alterdimensional maze called the Special Stage, which allegedly contains psychedelic birds that transform into fish. It should be noted that the only way to reach the Special Stage is to travel through a giant Ring, but the Wise Ones neglected to use this method. Instead, they used Chaos Control, a space-time warping technique that instantly teleported the Wise Ones into the Special Stage.
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When they returned to their home in Koridai, however, the Wise Ones began to experience strange side effects. Since the Wise Ones used Chaos Control to warp to the Special Stage instead of getting to it via a giant Ring, the Chaos Energy around them began to settle on their very skin, solidifying almost instantly. It covered their entire bodies until they were nothing but seven gigantic gems. They would be known as the Super Emeralds, which are much larger and more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds. While each of the Chaos Emeralds can be held in one hand, each Super Emerald cannot be lifted without the use of a forklift or a crane. However, Sonic still managed to find them and use them to become Hyper Sonic, a more powerful version of Super Sonic. To this day, the Super Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds are all somewhere on the Sonic Islands, causing war and chaos.

Use and Current Whereabouts

The Super Emeralds can be used to turn Sonic into Hyper Sonic, an indestructible and omnipotent being, which is why their power is coveted by all. Nobody has managed to use their power successfully, although their mystical strength was once matched by Knuckles after he ate some radioactive gunk. This resulted in Knuckles having a seizure afterwards, so he never did it again.

The Super Emeralds were also (nearly) stolen by Dr. Robotnik and his doppelganger, Dr. Eggman, who wanted to use them to pilot the Death Egg. Sonic, however, managed to stop him in time. This resulted in the explosion of the Death Egg, which made Dr. Robotnik angry. He decided to repair the Death Egg and get rid of Sonic once and for all.

Currently, the Super Emeralds can be found somewhere on the Sonic Islands. They are difficult to find and even more difficult to obtain, as they are said to be locked away in a shrine in the middle of a volcano. There, they serve as ancient relics of a distant past, never to be beheld by a mortal eye again.

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