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His icon.

SuperMarioLogan is a Youtube channel with 1 billion subscribers created by Logan (surprise surprise!) It makes strange videos out of his Mario plushies. 8 year olds go ape s*** crazy on stuff like this as his "show" is plain pointless. The guy who runs this channel is best friends with Pedobear.

Though at least he didn't kill anybody in reality.

The Characters

  • Chef Pee Pee - Bowser's slave chef. He is even more annoying than him and likes to beat up Bowser Jr. for no apparent reason.
  • Bowser - A retard that does nothing. He has Chef Pee Pee as a slave, and is overall just an annoying fuck.
  • Rosalina- Mario's stupid girlfriend who is obsessed with "stars".
  • Jeffy - Mario's adopted retard who does nothing but make Mario's life miserable.
  • Bowser Jr. - Bowser's retarded son who gets neglected by Bowser for f**k's sake.
  • Mario- The star of this show and the star of f***ing anything about him, meh.
  • Luigi - We don't talk about him...
  • Shrek- The fucking thing of "Shrek is love, Shrek is life". He always loves to eat his Sara Lee cheesecake.
  • Black Yoshi - Ooooooh folk! He gotta get summa dat purple Koo-Wade and play some Calla Dootis!
  • Doofy the Dragon - A dragon that does drugs and likes to kill himself.
  • Joseph His Friend From School - Bowser Jr.'s retarded friend who is more relevant to an actual dumba**.
  • Cody Nutkiss - Jewish friend of Bowser Jr. with a dumba** step father. Obsessed with a doll of Ken from Barbie.
  • Charleyy and Friends - One of the few things on the channel that isn't a "movie". It's just some jackass that does random shit nobody cares about.
  • Logan - Perverted loser who watches Cuties everyday before he goes to bed with his Jeffy sex doll