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SuperMarioLogan (Real name: Logan Thirtyacre) is a Youtube channel that makes videos out of his mario plushies. 8 year olds go ape s*** crazy on stuff like this as his "show" is plain pointless.

Though at least he didn't kill anybody in reality.

The Charcters

  • Chef PeePee- Bowser's slave chef. He is even more annoying than him and likes to beat up Bowser jr. for no apparent reason.
  • Bowser - A retard that does nothing. He has Chef Pee Pee as a slave, and is overall just an annoying fuck.
  • Rosalina- Mario's stupid girlfriend who whines because of "stars".
  • Jeffy- Mario's adopted retard who does nothing but make Mario's life miserable.
  • Bowser jr. - Bowser's retarded son who gets neglected by Bowser for f*** sake.
  • Mario- The star of this show and the star of f***ing anything about him, meh.
  • Shrek- The fucking thing of shrek is love shrek is life. He is portrayed to eat Sara Lee Cheesecake.
  • Black Yoshi- Oh folk! He gotta get some purple kool aid and play some call of duty!
  • Doofy the Dragon- A dragon that does drugs and likes to kill himself.
  • Joseph Hisfriendfromschool - Bowser Jr's retarded friend who is more relevant to an actual f*ggot.
  • Cody Calvin - Jewish friend of Bowser Jr. with a f*ggot step father. Obsessed with a doll of Ken from Barbie.
  • Charleyy and Friends - One of the few things on the channel that isn't a "movie". It's just some f*ggot that does random shit nobody cares about.

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