Cquote1 Here's your sun Peashooter-sama! Cquote2
Sunflower while giving her boyfriend, Peashooter some sun
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Sunflower-san? This is a specific "sunflower" right?

Sunflower Helianthus annuus is a plant that produces Sun. She is very important because, she kills Zombies that will try to kill you and eat your Brain. She uses photosynthesis to give sun energies to you for you to defeat zombies.

Sunflower existed since the beginning of time. She is believed to be the most legendary powerful plant known to man. In Medieval times, Knights take a crap on sunflowers to be rich and powerful. She is extremely rare and she can only be found once in a blue moon. 

She's also dating Peashooter

How to be friends with Sunflower

To be friends with Sunflower, you need to follow these basic tips.

  • Send her a kind email.
  • Eat pies! I know you want to.
  • Just wait for many weeks.
  • Send her a picture of the sun.
  • VOILA! You just befriended Sunflower!

She needs light in order to produce more sun. If it's night, put Weekend Pickles beside your sunflower to produce more and more sun. Sunflower also needs water. You need to water her for about 3.14149265358979323846264338327 gallons of sewer water.

Sunflower will be healthy and mature in no time. To place a sunflower, eat more pies then place Sunflower where ever you want.

If she gets killed, she can respawn, hooray!

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