Cquote1 I love rain! It makes me feel good! :3 I love it when the sun shines as well! :3 Cquote2
Sunflora enjoying the weather''Not to be confused with Sunflower, the character from Plants vs Zombies who was named after the specimen of the same name.

Sunflora, she loves any weather.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Yellow petals
Eye color: Closed most of the time
Species: Sunflower (Don't confuse her with the being of the same name, please)
AKA: Happy-Go-Lucky Flower. Sunflora-San.
Likes: Good weathers. Happiness. The Sun. Water drops being dropped on her.
Dislikes: Natural Disasters.
Occupation: Plant Lover
Known For: Caring about the weather and the other plants

Sunflora is a sunflower Pokemon who loves the weather so much. She is very energetic and happy to do anything.

Sunflora loves rain and sprinkles as each water drops make her happy-go-lucky. She however hates tsunamis, along with other natural disasters.

Sunflora eventually met another plant Pokemon named Snover, who is the son of Abomasnow. She and Snover became very good friends and started dating eventually.

Sunflora and Snover became married on 9-15-2016. She and Snover had two children, Sunkern on 3-9-2020, and Froslass on 4-19-2021; who ended up being their respective baby boy (Sunkern) and girl (Froslass).

Sunflora really hates Gligar. Beyond Gligar, she hates Vortex even more because he did bad stuff to her.

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