Also see the ugly thing in the night sky.


The Sun as of 2975447763 AD.

The Sun is a glowing mass of deadly lazers, gas, and other stuff I don't care about. It is an orb situated in the middle of the Solar System and is also the leader of the aforementioned star system. Its occupation is to provide light to the Solar System but there are planets such as Uranus that are edgy and prefers the dark.



The Sun during its preteen years.

During its early stages of life, the Sun wasn't actually yellow but was actually blue. Just like the hyperlink itself, anyway. Not much happened until its midlife-crisis when life began to evolve on a planet locally known as Earth. The Sun, being a helpful star that it is, decided to help life by providing light and warmth to the said planet. As time progresses, humans evolved to create infrastructures, invent technology, manipulate life, and destroy the planet. Humans are destroying their own home planet by accidentally inventing Global Warming

The planet Earth, worried about itself, told the Sun to stop releasing heat but the Sun couldn't do anything about it and even if it did, it would have to explode and destroy the planets that surrounds it. Filled with hopelessness, the Earth decided to just deal with it and wait for the outcome of what will happen to itself.

The Sun became depressed for a while but is then overjoyed when it heard the news that there are humans who are trying to save the planet. Looks like there are still hope for their planet after all.

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