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Their logo.

Sumo TV (formatted as (Nov 28, 2006-August 12, 2012) is actually not a channel for Sumo fights, but rather a free-to-air channel that aired in the UnUnited Kingdom, which means that instead shows brits enjoying their tea and crumpets, er, well no, you do that, and you have to record it, in fact, you can make videos of cooking, action movies, horror movies, and even Teletubbies curb-stomping the ghost of Michael Jackson on Mars while high! is not the most obscure channel, but still, even with that said it's kinda obscure. The best part about this channel is that Cyriak made idents for it, knowing Cyriak, they were pretty... bizzare, but still awesome. Sadly, the already existing Horror Channel was a jerk and stole's tv spot of channel 198 in 2012. It's unknown where is now, but some think outdated TVs in Teletubby Land still broadcast it, although for the most part it's now just the SMPTE color bars every 3 hours and a crummy film Tinky Winky made in between., when still around, gained backlash from Japan because Shinzo Abe tried to copyright (yet not ban for some reason) sumos, but at this point, the old TVs in Teletubby Land were the only ones broadcasting it, as said above.

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